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The Relationship Cross This is a great relationship spread for a new romance. The steps are plain and clear and provide a good look at influences and where you may need to work on it. Card 1: To the far left of cross and represents the role you play in your relationship. How you have influenced it and what is going on at the level of ordinary awareness and may be blocking your connection to the partner. Card 2: To the far right of the cross and represents your partner’s role in the relationship and their influence over it. The level of partners' perception showing what quality or influence they can bring to bear on the issue. Card 3: To the top of the cross and represents the past foundations of the relationship. This is where you started and will show you what the effect has been. Card 4: To the middle of the cross and represents the current state of the relationship. What’s going on now that probably brought you to the reading. Card 5: The future based on the information in the other cards and the clarifications you do. For this reading the clarification cards should start at you of course and then what your role in the past was. Keep the intention in your mind for what you want to clarify then shuffle and pull. Looking towards yourself first always helps because you can’t change or control another person.

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The Love Tarot Card Cross is a spread that can offer guidance and clarity when it comes to matters of the heart. It can be useful in situations where you feel a sense of urgency or a need to take action in matters of love. This spread can help sort out uncertainties and provide insight into your romantic situation.

To perform the Love Tarot Card Cross:

1. Clear your mind and focus on the specific question or situation regarding love that you would like guidance on.

2. Shuffle the Tarot deck while keeping your question or intention in mind.

3. Once ready, lay out four cards in the shape of a cross, with one card in the center and three cards surrounding it.

4. The first card, placed in the center, represents the core of the issue or the essence of the love situation.

5. The card to the left of the center card signifies the "past" or influences from the past that may be impacting your present situation.

6. The card to the right of the center card represents the "future" or the potential outcomes and developments in your love life.

7. The card above the center card signifies the conscious actions or steps you can take to navigate the situation.

8. The card below the center card represents the subconscious or hidden factors that may be affecting your love life.

Interpret each card individually, considering their meanings and how they relate to your question or situation. Pay attention to any patterns or connections that may emerge between the cards.

Remember that Tarot readings provide guidance and insight, but ultimately, you have the power to make choices and decisions regarding your love life. Use the Love Tarot Card Cross as a tool to gain clarity, explore possibilities, and make choices that align with your heart's desires.

Keep in mind that love is a complex and nuanced topic, and Tarot can offer guidance, but it is essential to listen to your own intuition and consider the full context of your situation when making decisions about matters of the heart.

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