Lovers Tarot Card Meanings for Major Arcana

Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

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Major Arcana 🃏 Tarot

Lovers Meanings

The Lovers Upright Keywords

Love, harmony, relationships, alignment of values, balance, unity

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The Lovers Reversed Keywords

Selfishness, self-love, imbalance, misalignment of values, detachment, disharmony

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Lovers Tarot Card Description

A man and woman stand naked before the Angel of destiny and choice loosely robed in white to subdue the chest and shoulders and punctuate the majestic red wings and fiery red and green hair. The sun kisses the hair of the angel that lifts like fire licks to greet it. The angel lifts its hands in the pose of a blessing.

The couple stand in an Eden. The man stands naked in front of a tree with branches alight. The woman stands naken in front of a tree ripe with fruit and lush green. Behind her in stealth, is a serpent, his belly wrapped about the fertile tree in disguise of his true intent. The couple stands firmly on the green with a majestic mountain behind them. They notice not the serpent for their attention is taken by the beauty and power of the angel. The serpent lies in waiting, hiding behind the hair of the lady. What choice will they make, for good or for ill?

Lovers Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana Tarot

Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Card Meaning

This is one of the most straightforward cards in the tarot, but that does not mean it does not contain hidden depths. The card of the Lovers represents a powerful relationship, such as a romantic partner, in your life. Although the card signifies beauty, your relationship with your love is far stronger than superficial attraction alone. You have built a relationship on shared values, which you express to each other with clarity. Past that initial spark of attraction, you have chosen to stay together and make a relationship work, through countless trials that you have overcome together, and that is one of the most vulnerable, brave things a human can do.
The card advises you to cling on to this relationship. You have been able to unify two people together into a glorious force, those things are not to be discarded lightly.
However, The Lover advises you to look beyond romantic relationships for the harmonious joy found in the card. Perhaps it is a reminder to treasure your close friendships or relatives with whom you have this ease of coexistence. Or, to turn your power inwards towards self-love and inner unity.

Major Arcana Tarot

Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Card Meaning

Lovers Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

There is a disturbance in harmony when The Lovers reversed appears in a reading. The card reversed represents a breakdown in communication that flows so freely when The Lovers are upright. Perhaps you are feeling distant from those that you love. Your values are not aligned thus the foundation of your whole relationship has been shaken. Were your feelings more one-sided than you thought they were?
The Lovers Reversed is also a reminder to turn your love inwards. “You cannot love others until you love yourself” is a pointless aphorism, but why should your loving energy only be reserved for others, and not for you? Take time to wine and dine yourself, to get to know your own values, to treat yourself with the care you would give to your beloved. If you are feeling frustrated about a perceived lack of romantic feeling in your life, do not forget that you are your own most important relationship.

Lovers Alternative Image

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Lovers Card 2023-10-18 09:37:06
In this captivating scene, a man and a woman find themselves standing before the Angel of destiny and choice, their nakedness illustrating their vulnerability and openness to the forces that guide their path. This article explores the symbolic elements present in this image, including the majestic angel, the contrasting trees, and the hidden serpent, offering a profound reflection on the crucial decisions that shape our lives.

The Angel's Presence:
Loosely robed in white, the Angel of destiny and choice emanates a sense of tranquility and power. Its majestic red wings, reminiscent of fire, convey both passion and the transformative nature of choice. Fiery red and green hair, kissed by the sun, symbolizes the Angel's connection to divine and earthly realms, underscoring its enlightened presence. With raised hands in a gesture of blessing, the Angel offers guidance and influence over the couple's fate.

The Edenic Setting:
The couple stands within an Edenic landscape, representing an idyllic state of existence. The man stands near a tree ablaze with branches alight, symbolizing the potential for spiritual illumination and enlightenment. In contrast, the woman stands beside a tree laden with ripe fruit, representing the abundant choices and opportunities available to them. However, lurking in the shadows behind the woman, a serpent coils around the fertile tree, its hidden intent masked beneath appearances.

The Mountain and Green Surroundings:
A majestic mountain serves as a backdrop to this profound encounter. Its presence represents the challenges and obstacles that the couple may face, underscoring the importance of their choices in navigating life's journey. Firmly grounded upon the lush green earth, the couple stands united, oblivious to the serpent's presence, their attention ensnared by the angel's beauty and power.

The Serpent of Temptation:
Hidden amidst the woman's fiery red and green hair, the serpent symbolizes temptation and the potential consequences of their choices. Its camouflage and stealth reveal the cunning nature of temptation, seeking to distract and steer the couple away from their true destinies. The imagery serves as a reminder of the duality inherent in human existence - the constant battle between the allure of temptation and the pursuit of higher virtues.

The Power of Choice:
The scene encapsulates the essence of choice and its pivotal role in shaping our lives. The couple stands at a crossroads, their nakedness denoting their vulnerability and the authenticity with which they must face their decisions. Will they succumb to temptation and veer away from their destined path, or will they remain steadfast, guided by the blessings and influence of the Angel?

The image of the man, woman, and the Angel of destiny and choice stirs contemplation on the profound impact choice has in our lives. This symbolic encounter in an Edenic setting invites us to reflect on the power of individual decisions, the potential for spiritual enlightenment, and the dangers of succumbing to temptation. Ultimately, it serves as a poignant reminder that our choices shape our destinies, and it is the responsibility of each individual to navigate the path towards fulfillment and purpose.

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