Outcome Tarot Spread

The Outcome Tarot Spread

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The Outcome Spread

There have been many authors of this type of spread. You’re probably thinking that every spread is an outcome spread. There’s an outcome for all of them but the outcome spreads can be as simple or as deep as the author wants.

The Outcome Tarot Spread Reading

Card 1: This card represents the situation at large. Place it at the top.

Card 2: This card represents the FIRST possible path to choose. Place this card beneath the first one on the table.

Card 3: This card represents the SECOND possible path to choose. Place this card to the right of Card 2.

Card 4: This card represents the outcome of the first possible path you could take. Place that one under the card # 2.

Card 5: This card represents the outcome of the second possible path you could take. Place that one under the card # 3.

Special note about this spread. For this particular outcome spread, you should have two paths in mind already.

Modified Outcome Tarot Card Spread

The above outcome spread required you to have two paths in mind. In the modified outcome spread you don’t have to have made any decision. For this spread, you keep the spread exactly the same only you will hold the intention while shuffling to choose the suggested best paths for cards 2 and 3. Now shuffle again and pull 2 cards and place one additional card next to cards 2 and 3.

These two extra cards represent the outcome for each of the suggested path choices.

Divinatory steps:

1. Pull cards exactly like the classic Outcome Spread except for cards 2 and 3 you will hold the intention in your mind when you pull them that the universe gives you the suggested best paths to take. In the original spread you already had two paths in mind, In this one, the universe will tell you.

2. Shuffle again and pull two extra cards for the outcome to those paths.

Both these spreads are great for formulating a plan quickly whether you’re completely clueless or you already know where you’d like to go.

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Outcome Spread 2023-10-19 05:56:42
Indeed, the Tarot Outcome Spread is quite popular among Tarot enthusiasts, and there are numerous variations of this type of spread. As a beginner, it is natural to focus on the outcome and seek guidance in that aspect.

The Outcome Spread is designed to provide insight and guidance on the potential outcome of a situation or question. It can help you understand the possible consequences of your actions and make more informed decisions. This type of spread can be used for a wide range of inquiries, whether it's about work, relationships, personal growth, or any other area of life.

While it is essential to consider the outcome in Tarot readings, it is equally important to remember that Tarot is a tool for self-reflection and guidance. The cards offer a deeper understanding of the energies and influences surrounding the situation, allowing you to make more informed choices.

Even the simplest Outcome Tarot spread has the potential to reveal profound insights and perspectives. The symbolism and archetypes contained within the Tarot cards can provide profound wisdom and guidance, connecting you to the depths of your own intuition and the wisdom of the universe.

As you delve into the practice of Tarot, exploring different spreads and becoming familiar with the cards, you will develop your own style and preferences. Remember to trust your intuition and connect with the cards in a way that feels authentic to you.

Ultimately, the Tarot Outcome Spread can offer valuable guidance and insight, allowing you to explore the potential outcomes and make choices that align with your highest good. Enjoy the journey of discovery and self-reflection that Tarot can provide.

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