Seven of cups Tarot Card Meanings for Minor Arcana

Seven of cups Tarot Card Meanings

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Minor Arcana 🃏 Tarot

Seven of cups Meanings

Seven of cups Upright Keywords

Fairy favours, opportunities, choices, wishful thinking, nothing permanent

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Seven of cups Reversed Keywords

Desire, will, determination, alignment, personal values

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Seven of cups Tarot Card Description

There is a shadow figure of a man looking into the ethers at 7 floating chalices. Each one offering a choice, one more disturbing and nightmarish than the other yet his gaze is fixed and his arms akimbo in an agitated determination to choose one or more. They offer a hidden figure under a ghostly sheet like a spectre; a head of a woman; a dragon; a haunting castle; jewels and treasure; a wreath of green garland and one of fruit.

Seven of cups Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Minor Arcana Tarot

Seven of cups Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Card Meaning

Gifts beyond your wildest belief are depicted in the card of Seven of Cups. Some interpreters say this card represents “fairy favors.” Regardless of your belief in fairies or not, the opportunities represented by this card may seem as if they come out of nowhere to the point that they make you question your boring reality. Do not allow the words of doubt to rule you just now, take the wonderful opportunities on offer.
The gifts promised in the card may not be physically present yet. The Seven of Cups also represents daydreaming and wishful thinking. Do not discount the power of dreams. By imagining the wonderful things that await you in some hypothetical future, you are able to refuel in order to live in your not-so-glamorous present. Imagination is also a wonderful path to self-discovery. Take note of what pops up in your daydreams, it can offer you clues as to your true purpose and goals beyond what society expects of you. However, be careful to maintain your grip on reality and do not let yourself be carried away by things that are promised but not yet concrete.

Minor Arcana Tarot

Seven of cups Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Card Meaning

Seven of cups Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

The Seven of Cups reversed has a decidedly more practical side than its upright companion. The card represents the forces that are necessary to turn dreams into reality. Where the Seven of Cups upright is all passive daydreaming, the reversed is about action. Now is the time to turn your will towards a project that you are working on. You need to use your determination and hard work to achieve that which you are seeking. Otherwise, your dreams will always be just clouds in the sky.
Alternatively, the Seven of Cups reversed could mean that you desperately need to return to practicality. You have been led too far astray by the dreams of riches promised when the card is upright. You have been diverted from your true purpose by visions that turned out to be no more than illusions. You may be feeling confused or disillusioned about your goals. Now is a prime time to reconnect with your inner self and what your true desires are, ignoring the mirages present around you.

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Seven of cups Card 2023-10-19 02:04:27
The Seven of Cups Tarot card is a symbol of fairy favors, opportunities, choices, wishful thinking, and the transient nature of desires. In this card, we see a shadow figure of a man standing before seven floating chalices, each offering a different choice. These choices manifest as surreal and dreamlike images that signify various options or possibilities.

As the man looks into the ethers, his gaze is fixed, and his arms are akimbo, indicating an agitated determination to make a decision. The choices presented to him range from enchanting to disturbing, each one reflecting a different aspect of his desires and fantasies.

One of the chalices reveals a hidden figure under a ghostly sheet, resembling a specter. This represents a mysterious and potentially hidden aspect of the man's desires. Another chalice displays the head of a woman, perhaps symbolizing love or romance. A dragon represents power and strength, while a haunting castle alludes to ambition and the desire for greatness.

The remaining chalices offer a wreath of green garland, suggesting a connection to nature and growth, and one adorned with fruit, symbolizing abundance and fertility. Finally, there is a chalice filled with jewels and treasure, representing material wealth and worldly possessions.

The imagery in this card represents the multitude of choices and opportunities that are available to the man. However, it also serves as a warning about the potential pitfalls of wishful thinking and illusions. While the possibilities presented by these chalices may seem enticing, the man must navigate through his desires and make a choice.

The Seven of Cups encourages us to consider the consequences and implications of our desires and fantasies. It reminds us that not all choices are as they seem, and wishful thinking may lead to disappointment. It advises us to approach decisions with clarity and discernment, ensuring that our desires align with our true values and aspirations.

The transient nature of the chalices and the dreamlike quality of the images remind us that nothing is permanent and that our desires may change over time. This card encourages us to prioritize our authentic goals and aspirations rather than getting caught up in fleeting desires or external illusions.

When the Seven of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, it serves as a reminder to assess our choices and opportunities with a discerning eye. It invites us to take a step back, evaluate our wishes and aspirations, and make decisions that align with our true selves. It urges us to separate illusions from reality and focus on creating a path that brings genuine fulfillment and long-term happiness.

In essence, the Seven of Cups Tarot card represents a time of decision-making and the exploration of various options and desires. It reminds us to be mindful of wishful thinking and illusions, encouraging us to make choices that are aligned with our true values and aspirations. By navigating through our desires with clarity and discernment, we can forge a path that leads to genuine fulfillment and lasting success.

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