World Tarot Card Meanings for Major Arcana

World Tarot Card Meanings

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Major Arcana 🃏 Tarot

World Meanings

The World Upright Keywords

Completion, achievement, fulfillment, accomplishment, integrity, travel

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The World Reversed Keywords

Seeking personal closure, delays, lack of achievement, emptiness

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World Tarot Card Description

A naken female figure hovers over the planet covered only by a regal throw of red silk to conceal her genitals. Wands are carried in both her right hand of manifestation and her left of receptivity. She is aware of her abundance; she has broken a cycle and is in rejuvenation. The lady, the Bull, the Lion and the Eagle are her guardian animals. They give her knowledge, wisdom, companionship and prosperity.

Her left leg crosses the right in the stance of the student as the hanged man. Her limbs are open and free and her countenance happy and satisfied.

World Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana Tarot

World Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Card Meaning

The World represents potential that is finally realized. All the harmony and glory of this beautiful existence is united in this card. Plans have finally been brought to fruition. Hard work has been met with completion and success. Seeds have sprung to fruition. If you are questioning your endeavors and meet this card in a reading, there is no need to fret anymore. Success is almost assured.
However, The World is far too powerful to concern itself only with material success. The World is signaling to you that inner harmony is within reach. Be at peace with yourself. Take time to bask in the wonder of the world around you. Enjoy a change of pace, or take time to travel and really get to know the whole world that you live in.
The world always turns and turns, and so our fortunes ebb and flow. But the complete fulfillment of The World brings with it an inner peace that you can carry with you always.

Major Arcana Tarot

World Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Card Meaning

World Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

When The World is reversed, something has upset the turning of the natural order. The World upright’s stillness comes from perfect harmony, but when the card is reversed that stillness turns into stagnation. You may feel stuck, as if in a rut. You have dreams that are incomplete but you do not know how to achieve them. If you do not summon up your energies and your will, your stagnation has the danger of becoming permanent.
However, the ever-turning energies of The World can easily be wielded in your favor, even when the card is reversed. In physics, potential energy is the energy something has inherent to its position in the world, and potential energy can be converted into other, more dynamic forms of energy. You also contain potential energy and by harnessing your will, you can catapult yourself out of your stagnation and achieve the happiness that The World promises when upright.

World Alternative Image

Major Arcana 🃏 World from GotoHoroscope Tarot Cards Deck

World GotoHoroscope Tarot Cards Deck

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The World Card 2023-10-18 16:03:28
Embracing Wholeness and Mastery: The World Tarot Card

Within the mystic realm of tarot cards, each card portrays a unique archetype with profound messages and wisdom. The World Tarot Card, symbolizing completion and fulfillment, holds a special significance that invites us to embrace our true essence and the infinite possibilities of existence. Let us delve into the enchanting imagery of this card and delve into its profound symbolism.

At the center of the World Tarot Card, a naked female figure hovers gracefully over the planet, bewitching yet empowered. She is draped in a regal throw of red silk, delicately concealing her genitals, representing a sense of propriety and modesty. Her nudity suggests vulnerability and an openness to the world, embracing authenticity and the freedom to express oneself without boundaries.

In her hands, she carries the wands of manifestation and receptivity, signifying the perfect balance between action and intuition. With her right hand, she weaves the tapestry of her desires into reality, while with her left hand, she receives messages and insights from the universe. This harmonious interplay of manifestation and receptivity allows her to navigate through life with grace, asserting her desires while remaining attuned to the wisdom of the cosmos.

Surrounding the female figure are four guardian animals: the Lady, the Bull, the Lion, and the Eagle. These sacred creatures bestow knowledge, wisdom, companionship, and prosperity upon her. The Lady represents grace and elegance, the Bull embodies strength and stability, the Lion symbolizes courage and dominion, and the Eagle represents vision and insight. Together, they support and guide her on her journey, offering their unique qualities to aid her in achieving mastery and fulfillment.

The World Tarot Card signifies the completion of a cycle and the beginning of a new phase in life. The figure's stance, with her left leg crossed over the right, reflects the pose of the Hanged Man, an archetype representing surrender and a willingness to gain new perspectives. This positioning suggests that the figure has undergone a period of introspection, gaining wisdom and understanding, and has emerged with a renewed sense of self and purpose.

Her limbs are open and free, reflecting her liberation from societal limitations and restraints. This posture represents a state of vulnerability and authenticity, allowing her to embrace the full spectrum of human experience. Her countenance is one of happiness and satisfaction, radiating a sense of deep contentment that comes from honoring oneself and embracing one's true nature.

The World Tarot Card reminds us to celebrate our achievements and embrace the infinite possibilities that life has to offer. It calls upon us to break free from limiting beliefs and cycles, allowing us to step into a state of rejuvenation and wholeness. By weaving manifestation and receptivity into our lives, and with the guidance of our inner wisdom and the support of those around us, we can embark on a journey of self-discovery and mastery.

In conclusion, the World Tarot Card represents the pinnacle of personal and spiritual growth. It invites us to embrace our authenticity, balance action and intuition, and welcome the wisdom and support of those around us. With an open and free countenance, we can savor the joy and satisfaction that comes from breaking cycles and stepping into a state of rejuvenation. Just as the female figure hovers gracefully over the planet, let us too embrace our own completeness and mastery, and navigate the world with purpose and fulfillment.

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