Compatibility Horoscope of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny


Tea Leoni

Tea Leoni Tea Leoni Birthday: February 25 and it means that she was born under the zodiacal sign of Pisces.

Tea Leoni was born on February 25, 1966 in New York into the family of Emily and Anthony Pantaleoni. Her mother was a dietitian and her father was a lawyer in one of well established law firms. Tea's mother was Texas native and an American while Tea's father came from an Italian-Polish background. Tea Leoni whose full name is Elizabeth Pantaleoni graduated from high school and enrolled with Sarah Lawrence College which she never graduated from.

In 2000 the actress was cast in Family Man alongside famous Nicholas Cage; and the next year she participated in Jurassic Park 3. By the way, the latter became one of Tea Leoni's most noticeable roles in her whole career.

The talented actress' personal life is going smoothly. But it was not this way all the time. The actress first got married in 1991 to a TV producer Joseph Neil. The couple spent about 5 years together and then parted their ways.

Two years later Tea Leoni wedded a famous actor David Duchovny. The actor was persistently wooing Tea for 9 months and finally she said yes.

Two years later the couple gave birth to their first child - they had a daughter named Madeleine. In 2002 their second child was born - thier son Kid Miller.

David William Duchovny

David Duchovny David Duchovny Date of birth: August 7 and it means that his zodiacal sign is Leo.

David Duchovny was born on August 7, 1960 in New York, USA. His father was a Polish Jew and his mother was Scottish.

David attended the Princeton and later Yale Universities where he earned a Master of Arts in English Literature and was getting ready to work on his Ph.D. with the thesis titled "Magic and Technology in Contemporary Poetry and Prose". However, as early as when at the Yale University David Duchovny became interested in theatre and started appearing on the stage in off-Broadway productions. Finally in 1987 David Duchovny abandoned his academic career to focus on acting.

His acting debut was a small role in Working Girl (1988) followed by other roles including the one of a bad guy in Beethoven, a smaller part in Chaplin and on TV in the series Twin Peaks; he also scored a leading role in Kalifornia and Rapture. Despite the fact that his role in the series Red Shoe Diaries solidified his image of a sex symbol, David Duchovny earned his true fame as an FBI agent Fox Mulder in The X-Files TV series.

In 1998 David Duchovny and his partner Gillian Anderson playing a part of Agent Dana Scully made appearance on big screen in the movie version of The X-Files (1998).

In May 1997 David Duchovny married Tea Leoni, a TV star from The Naked Truth who he divorced 11 years later.

Compatibility Horoscope for Pisces woman and Leo man Strong and mighty Leo will be fascinated with Pisces' tenderness, beauty and fragileness. He is sure he's got strength to spare; therefore, he will be happy to offer his woman a relationship and marriage.

A man born in the sign of Leo enjoys the idea of his woman being so weak and harmless that she will never resist his pressure on her. Early during their relations, she will be happy to accept his advances and her partner will be carrying her around in his arms and showering her with gifts. Leo will never have commonality of opinions as his goal: only his own opinion really matters to him - he simply do not pay any attention to what others think. When the initial phase of Leo's adoration and passion for Pisces is over, he will be focused solely on his own affairs and aspirations while simply tolerating her presence next to his royal persona. A woman born as Pisces develops the relations with Leo that can be described as masochism: she will quietly tolerate all nuances of Leo's behavior, his dictatorship and constant oppression. Leo, always convinced that he is right, will never bother asking for forgiveness for all the pain he put her through. They can go on like this for some time until Pisces woman completely loses her own self and that little dignity she has left. Leo can't stand people who assume the role of a victim and his interest in his partner will forever be lost: Leo can only love a woman he admires. At times Pisces woman contributes to the poor state of things among them: she literally drowns him with praises and never objects him no matter what he does or says. Her adoration flatters him a lot, but it also helps him solidify his absolute supremacy and infallibility.

Compatibility horoscope shows that this couple can peacefully coexist and even become equal partners in both marriage and business despite the difference in their behavioral patterns. Leo has powerful external nobility and Pisces has the same, but on the inside. When looking closer, Leo may notice the same noble power in his partner's soul which can help him be more caring and soulful. Leo man should protect his woman, be her loyal partner if she wants her to be stronger and more independent. After all, who else if not Pisces woman will one day end up pulling out a thorn out of the paw that belongs to the animals' king - Leo?

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