Compatibility Horoscope of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Tom Cruise Born: July 3, 1962 and it means that his zodiacal sign is Cancer.

Tom Cruise is an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter. One of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood. He was featured in many commercially successful movies. He is known for his unconventional life views (he actively supports scientology).

He was born into a family of a teacher and an engineer. He has some German, Irish and English roots. He grew up in poverty and according to his own words, his father who dominated the household often gave him very hard time. In public school he was very much into sports (hockey in particular) and acting by participating in the amateur theatre productions. When the boy was 12, his mother left his dad and took her kids - Tom and his sister - with her.

Tom Cruise began appearing in movies in early 1980s by playing supporting roles, but soon after he began scoring leading roles, too (drama Risky Business). Tony Scott's Top Gun turned Tom into a star. His career went up and up afterwards. He starred as a main protagonist in action movies like Mission: Impossible and dramas like Vanilla Sky; however lately Tom Cruise has not been shying away from comedies and controversial images like the one in Tropic Thunder.

He was married to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes who he had a daughter Suri from.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman born 20/06/1967 and it means that her zodiacal sign is also Cancer.

Nicole Kidman is an Australian and American actress and one of the highest paid performers in Hollywood; she is a winner of the Oscar and BAFTA 2003, a three time winner of the Golden Globe Award (1996, 2002, and 2003).

It is believed that her career skyrocketed after featuring in Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut where she acted by her husband Tom Cruise's side, especially after they separated. She left her famous husband's shadow and entered right into a spotlight with a truly starring role in the movie-musical Moulin Rouge! where she had to both dance and sing. Then a thriller The Others with Nicole in an unusual image and a biographic drama The Hours which earned her the Oscar followed closely after.

Onscreen romantic relations between a looker Tom Cruise and charming Nicole Kidman flowed into a real life and lead to a wedding. Their marriage was considered ideal in Hollywood for quite some time. Their family happiness was only darkened by their inability to have their own children until this problem was solved by the couple adopting two kids (daughter Isabella and son Connor).

Compatibility Horoscope for Cancer woman and Cancer man According to the compatibility horoscope, two Cancers' union will be successful for them and a bit touchy and somewhat odd for others. Two Crabs are ready to work day and night to create their home - the place where both of them will feel safe. Both of them are extremely hard-working, tireless, and very meticulous. Cancers understand each other well - when they look at one another they see a mirror reflection of themselves.

Cancer man and Cancer woman have a common goal - to strengthen their family and build a solid family hearth; they will help each other and complement each other's efforts in this arduous undertaking. They are tuned into each other's vibrations and understand each other perfectly well since they share the same emotions and feelings. They don't even need words to understand one another: all they need is a look, a movement or a smile. Cancers are big on morals and will observe all the rules of ethics towards each other; thus, their family life will always be void of scandals accompanied by breaking dishes. However, two Cancers under one roof may demonstrate bad mood, whims and grudges, drop hints and accusations and sometimes with no evident reason at all which will cause misunderstanding, silent conflicts and slowly progressing quarrels. Only sometimes one of these two will lose its temper and give its partner a few bites with its claw, but first it will cautiously hide under the rock. People around them will most likely find their huffing and puffing amusing: these two are slow, share the same habits, pout lips at each other and then do the same thing all over again. Their movements and actions will resemble the scenes from a slow-motion movie. When everything is good and quiet, they will be bringing home every little trifle they find along the way when walking with their arms around each other. Their packrat quality will be ridiculously excessive: their home will be full of thousands of unnecessary things which they will be patiently stashing away into numerous storage places.

A woman born in the zodiac sign of Cancer will become an ideal housewife and a mother, but she will have a stronger character than her partner. Her significant other will be a good family business founder and the main breadwinner in the family. He will be collecting stamps or coins and when he grows old, he will sit by the fireplace with a pipe in his mouth thinking back on his young years.

Compatibility horoscope doesn't promise these two passionate love and serene happiness, but it is within their power to build strong harmonious relations and spend the whole life together.

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