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2015 – the IMAGE Symbolism

The upcoming 2015 is the eighth year in the transcendent duodecimal cycle system «Zi Wei Dou Shu», which is traditionally called as «Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches». This ancient Chinese esoteric doctrine is based on interweaving diverse hypostasis unique energy Chi (or Qi — can be pronounced both ways). Under this system, denarius downward cycle «Heavenly Stems» is used to describe Creation phases in nature, whereas duodecimal cycle, «Earthly Branches», is expressed in a clear timetable. Together, two systems form a single 60-year cycle (like the 144-year-old Slavic circle of life). The 60-year cycle includes a complete set of regularities, such as rotation of Moon, Venus, Jupiter and other Solar system objects around Earth and Sun. This system has been used since ancient times in China, not only for timing, acting as a multifunctional calendar, but also to determine «Year's Quality», a key features complex inherent a specific time stage.

According with «Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches» system (yes, to Western ears it sounds very peculiar) 2015 will be the Year of Blue Wooden Goat. In fact, it is difficult to know whether it was referring to a real Goat. Images of goat, sheep, and ram in Ancient China's philosophers had almost identical features; and today in many Asian countries still using ancient Chinese calendar system, these animals are interchangeable. Indeed, the sense is that these creatures are peaceful herbivores. Totem Bar Goat-Sheep-Ram is characterized by generosity, openness and responsiveness, as well as a strong maternal instinct, attachment to their ancestral line. They are herd animals strong only into flock; it is the image basis, indicating tradition of gender and culture. Thus Goats may be vulnerable and even weak-willed, though this extreme, is not inherent to a particular animal, but to the people born in a certain time period. After all, it is unlikely you ever seen a depressed goat.

In «Earthly Branches» system, Goat corresponds to hieroglyph Wei, representing element Earth in its passive aspect, characterized by Yin hypostasis. Not hard to guess that element Earth in combination with downstream Yin, speaks about emotional, fiery and restless time. It is unlikely that we are talking about war or any global conflict, because Goat (which, oddly enough, is identified as a sheep) is being exclusively peaceful, humane. Belonging to Earth element speaks only for the fact that must be deemed an archetype for a situation, leading the management of emotions, feelings and inner impulses from the heart. Of course, this does not mean that the intellect goes to some place on the margins of the universe, and the next year the inhabitants of our planet will not use it. Although many are conducted successfully without using the intellect, however, this part of our life does not disappear, and rational assessment no less important than sensory. However, the blue wooden Goat announces unequivocal primacy of emotion over reason and it must be considered.

However, Earth element in the Yin's hypostasis — is a static characteristic of Goat itself, but not in 2015. It is because this year will correspond to the element Wood (hence —wooden Goat), the hieroglyph Mao. Not hard to guess that means this element. Rebirth, spring, prosperity, perseverance, love of life — can bring a lot of concepts that will resonate with the image of the Wood element. But this is not all will become clear. Therefore, one can say simply: the Wood element is responsible for updating the forces to start from scratch, correcting past mistakes, a gear to the redistribution of the world's energy balance and every individual. That's why 2015 will be particularly bright in terms of spiritual reform, changing fundamentals of various religious and ethical concepts. In short saying, everyone goes — by Nirvana.

Finally, color. For Wooden Goat 2015, personal color is blue. It is the color of the sea (not Sky!). And what is the sea? It may be an infinite steady canvas, balanced, powerful, quiet and absolutely unwavering, or a violent, hurricane force, embodied in devastating storms that can't be stopped. Ambiguity in the period's characteristics, as they say, is obvious. But there is another point. The word «sea» (the sound of Japanese hieroglyph can be designated roughly as «hai») comes from the Sanskrit «Maya», which also means the sea, but not in the physical sense. Meaning the «sea of illusions», the earthly world, where everything is hidden behind external form screen, sometimes radically different from the inner content. Actually, it is an amazing, deep image — one might even say epic — that encompasses many aspects of ancient Chinese Tao. And this is not surprising, as Dravidians (ancient India's people) were closely related to Ancient China representatives (sometimes — too tightly). In fact, Taoism, Buddhism, Moizm and other religious and ethical specific teachings from India and China to some extent have a Vedic source. But for us at this time, it is important to know that the blue color of 2015 refers to the «screen» concealing the lies of someone going away. This applies to each of us life and the lives of entire countries and continents. We are talking about a total foresight or «enlightenment», which, happily, thanks to the already mentioned Goat peaceful nature, is unlikely to lead to a bloody conflict.

So is 2015 the year of the blue wooden Goat. Discourse address to a time when many will move to the next stage of their spiritual journey. Many will see the world how it is, without embellishment, without the notorious «rose-colored glasses». At the same time the leading role will be assigned to emotions, the sensory aspect of understanding the Universe, not by intellect. It will be a positive bright period, full of spiritual pursuits, and of course, spiritual openings.

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Shelly Harris 2015-06-10 00:30:41
I was born under Gemini status 5/25/63, unknown time as I was adopted. Plz send a link for me to understand this Universe!

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