2016 Through the Eyes of Eastern Sages

2016 Through the Eyes of Eastern Sages

According to the Eastern astrological system, in particular China’s, 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey.

2016 Through the Eyes of Eastern Sages
The 2016 Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Monkey as it see Eastern sage

The combination of the element of fire and the symbolism of the monkey sign clearly indicates that the coming stage will be extremely dynamic in terms of time. In Eastern philosophy, the year of the Fire Monkey clearly suggests that crucial processes in the global community occur or begin to occur, which will lead to some fateful events of significant importance for the future of the earth. That is why this year it is important not to lose concentration and to strive towards absolute fulfillment of what has been planned. In ancient China, in the year of the Fire Monkey, festivities were not as prevalent. It doesn't mean that people in this year rested less and didn’t relax; on the contrary, their relaxation time was more intensive, but their work productivity was three times higher. This looks like a logical process because the monkey symbolizes progress, constant movement and, in the broadest sense, evolution. The element of fire adds even more intensity, which predicts this year to be bright and sometimes adventurous and full of surprises.

It is important to bear in mind that in the Eastern tradition, the annual cycle begins on February 8th, so the “Eastern year” begins five weeks before the “Western year”, the system that we use. This is vital because the key astrological and numerological tendencies begin to operate not from the 1st of January, but from the 8th of February. At this stage, artistic and intuitive personalities find themselves in a more advantageous position. Generally, in this respect, the Fire Monkey is quite a contradictory figure (like the rest of the Eastern tradition in general). On one hand, we talk about the primacy of science, of progress and personal growth, work, and moving forward, overcoming all obstacles. At the same time, the Fire Monkey unambiguously suggests that you must learn to rely on your intuition, your feelings, personal preferences, and internal guidelines. The combination is not so simple, but it is necessary if you want to realize your maximum potential in 2016. In fact, here we are faced with the classic Doudou Yin-Yang, which tells us about harmony and the unity of opposite forces, which leads to our evolution and our spiritual evolution in particular.

2016 will also be the year of travel and new experiences, because in the Eastern tradition the monkey is associated with the image of moving, constantly in motion without lingering anywhere for a long period of time. This does not mean that in the coming year you are advised against sitting still for a moment… Although that would be a perfect option! Now you need the maximum number of contacts and constant communication, which ensures outstanding dynamics in any of your undertakings. But be careful, the Eastern sages imagined the element of fire to be not only bright, all-consuming, fanatical, and irresistible. Fire is also introspection; it is a subtle understanding of the surrounding reality of the universe, of a world beyond space and time. It is personal spiritual freedom that provides an individual with necessary opportunities, which you can use to achieve your plans. The monkey is altruistic; it draws attention to itself only when it objectively needs rest, peace, and tranquility, which is designed to allow it to accumulate the necessary amount of resources.

A far as the difficulties that may await us in 2016 are concerned, one should keep in mind that in ancient China the monkey was considered to be aggressive. It can even be hostile, but of course, not without reason. Roughly speaking, the monkey is loyal to its friends, and for their sake it would do anything, but to its enemies, the monkey is violent and brutal. If the monkey goes wild, it would be unstoppable, especially if it’s in a time period in which the element of fire is dominant. This is a very important moment because it characterizes not only the people who fall under this astrological sign. All of 2016 will be like this. In other words, numerous battles are awaiting us, and each of us will have to find their own place. It is difficult to say how “bloody” these battles will be, because in each case there are a number of external factors, as well as features which cannot be taken into account by someone on the outside looking in.

It is worth mentioning that in the Eastern tradition the year of the Fire Monkey is ideal for creating strong family relationships. And if you are planning a wedding in 2016, you can be sure that everything will go without a hitch. Of course, you will still have to put in a lot of effort, because even though the monkey patronizes you, it will do nothing for you. In any case, the lion’s share of the work will fall on your shoulders, as circumstances will help only in a critical situation, or when you feel that your resources are drained. The tenderness you display will receive an especially strong response. Perhaps it sounds somewhat emotional, but the Eastern sages told us that in such times the interaction between people reaches maximum synchronization. Generally speaking, the more love you give to your loved ones, the more energy and positive emotions you receive. After all, we are all aware of the wisdom that he who gives is richer. Yes, this reasoning has come to us from ancient China!

Overall, the Fire Monkey tends to choose the most treacherous or even “thorny” path that contains the greatest number of obstacles. That is why children who will be born in 2016 will not have an easy destiny. Their personalities, however, will grow to be persistent and strong-willed. They will be able to change the course of events to their advantage using their strong will, and this ability is priceless. Typically, such people become outstanding leaders, and in the Eastern tradition this does not imply ambiguity. Let’s just say that people whose patron is the monkey are incredibly active and they prefer movement over peace in any situation. In the majority of cases, this is a gift, but, of course, there is a downside to everything. Such people do not aspire to be leaders, because such goals alone won’t develop positive qualities in them and over time the negative ones will prevail.

Thus, it is logical to set high expectations for 2016. Regardless of your own zodiac sign, in the coming transitional phase you have all the chances to get what you strive for. The Fire Monkey will not let you hang around with your hands in your pockets; in the coming year there will be enough changing dynamics, unexpected occurrences, and the surprises that we already mentioned. This is a good time for business productivity, and for ordinary workers it is a stage of life in which they have a chance to show their worth. For people in love this is a time of intense feelings; a time of romance and vivid impressions. As already mentioned, in the Eastern tradition, this year is especially appreciated, because it combines meditative self-cultivation with a bright and fanatical dynamic of well-rounded development.

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