Dream Dictionary Basement

Dream Dictionary Basement

The basement is a place that represents fear.

Dream Basement
Dream Dictionary Basement, Don’t Go Into The Basement: The Meaning of Dreams about the Basement

If you have a dream in which you are down in a basement, you might want to look at all of the different objects in the basement. Some of these objects might scare you, and if they do, then you’ll realize a little bit about what really makes you tick. These dreams give you the fantastic opportunity to see the things that really make you scared and how that makes you feel. Try paying a bit more attention the next time you have a dream like this so you can see some of the objects that you’re really afraid of.

Alternatively, the basement can also be seen as a storage area. The basement is a place where people put objects that are not important enough to keep in the house for daily use, but not useless enough to throw away as trash. Naturally, when this definition is transposed over the human mind, what a basement might symbolize is a place for old memories. The basement of your mind would be an area that you file away old memories into because they are not immediately relevant. Then you subsequently forget about them. If this sounds like something you do, then maybe the reason you are having these dreams is because your mind is inviting you to try and remember some of these old memories that you are so fond of. Try taking a few moments in the future to recall some of these memories and see how much they mean to you. They can be very important sometimes without you even realizing it. If you have another basement dream like this, next time you might want to even try and remember some of the items in this imaginary basement because they can give you a clue as to the actual memories that your mind is connecting to.

Sometimes you will have a dream where you are at the door of the basement but afraid to go in. Or maybe you are standing at the door but the bottom is pitch-black with no light switch. The biggest thing that fuels fear for the dark is the fear of the unknown. If you knew what was down there, really knew, then it wouldn’t be so scary. This is another symbol that you are going into some new area of life that you are not so familiar with. Perhaps you are afraid of getting married because you don’t know how it will turn out. Maybe you are even a student just leaving college and are scared to grow up and get a job to work for your money like a normal adult person does. Either way, you are afraid to go deeper into the unknown, but much like it was in your childhood, there’s a reason you’re there in the first place and you will have to go deeper eventually if you want the answers you seek.

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