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If you dream about bats, the majority of the time it will usually be in the context of something horrific. They will usually be attached to the tail end of a nightmare about something else. If you are having a nightmare about bats this is probably just due to a general sense of fear or stress that you are feeling in your life. If you are having too much work put onto your plate or are having to suffer through more than you can handle, then this probably means that you need to calm down and try to sort things out, or else you wonít be able to stop having nightmares so easily.

If you dream that you are a bat, what this implies is that you have a very low sense of self worth. Because bats are generally thought of as hated animals, this means that you too are thinking of yourself as hated or disgusting. This is not a healthy attitude to have and you would do well to eradicate it from your mind, lest this attitude start to seep into your daily life more clearly influencing your decisions. Just because things arenít going alright for you at the moment doesnít mean that you are ugly or that you are totally unappealing. Take a chill pill and have a reality check.

Dreaming that you are being followed by bats usually means that you feel as if you are being pestered by some outside force. Someone is really getting on your nerves and is not allowing you any peace of mind in the waking world. The best way to get through a dream like this is to think of the person that it could be referring to and have an open conversation with them. Chances are they have some strong feelings on the situation too. Normally bats are seen as pests or as annoying if not ugly and scary, so if bats are annoying you in your dreams it probably means you are being bugged by someone in the waking world.

There are a few positive things that bats are also said to represent though, such as unrealized potential, and in some interpretations, rebirth. Therefore if you are seeing bats in your dreams in more of a positive context then chances are that you are feeling ready to take on the world in your waking life. Some things have happened to you recently that have greatly strengthened your self-image or your own feelings of self worth. You feel renewed and rejuvenated and this will carry on over for a long time too. Make use of the feeling while it is still there.
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siva kumari 2014-05-11 11:25:27
I dreamt that bats are flying on me and rounding around me I don't known why? what this dream mean????[size=7][/size]

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Rol 2013-06-01 15:34:23
I dreamed that I was taking care of two bats, I was trying to find out what they ate to feed them. I brought it to my house and then car...anybody know the meaning of this dream? interpretations? thanks

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Casey 2014-12-02 16:55:16
That's so strange. I just had a dream last night that I was taking care of two bats as well in my house. A mom and baby bat. Not sure what it means. But odd to hear u had almost the same dream as me.

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Vijay 2013-05-30 04:53:30
I dreamt that I was on a small beach that happened to be right next to a bat cave. The beach was covered with bats flying in the air and on the ground. Bats were even in the shallow parts of the water. I could barely walk around without bumping into a bat. I had an intense feeling of disgust and a small amount of fear throughout the entire experience.

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