Dream Dictionary Bedroom

Dream Dictionary Bedroom

If you dream of the bedroom, what you are probably doing is trying to recall some of your sexual desires.

Dream Bedroom
Dream Dictionary Bedroom, Dreaming of the Bedroom? Find Out What it Means Here

Even an empty bedroom in a dream is a sign that you have been thinking about sex or some kind of intimate activity. Has it been a long time since you have had sex with someone or since you have relieved yourself sexually? Dreaming of the bedroom in many cases simply represents that desire to relieve yourself sexually again.

Perhaps you have a few sexual fantasies that you haven’t been able to enact because you are afraid of how other people will react when you tell them how you feel. Are you a little bit kinky? Perhaps this is something that you’ve known about yourself for some time but just been too afraid to share with anyone else. It is possible and even likely if you have been dreaming about the bedroom so much. If you already have a sexual partner than maybe it is time to let them know about your fantasies. You might be very surprised about how they react. If they truly love you, then they will probably do anything they can to make you more sexually satisfied. Sometimes that might have an adverse reaction, but do you really want to have sex with someone that won’t treat you with the respect that you deserve as their lover and as a human being? The answer should be no.

Sex is probably on the brain when you are dreaming of the bedroom as most psychologists would say. This is a scientific study, not just a clairvoyant one. It is a common sense thing. The bedroom is a place for sex, so naturally when someone dreams of the bedroom they are going to dream about sex. This could be because they actually want to have sex or it could be because they have been thinking about a particularly good sexual experience and can’t see to get their minds off of it. No matter what though, when you dream of the bedroom, you are dreaming of sex, and this is what is happening in the dream world. If you are unsure whether you want to have sex or not but you have a sexual partner, maybe just have sex with them anyway and see if that clears your mind of thoughts of the bedroom. Science suggests that if this is what you are feeling, then it should do the job of clearing your mind just fine.

Another reason that you might be dreaming of the bedroom is because you are trying to hide some kind of secret. Though you might be quick to associate some other dream symbol with being secretive, it is a fact that the bedroom is a place where many private things are done. The bedroom is a place where we participate in sexual activity. For many it is the place where people change after taking a shower. These are the parts of ourselves that we share with very few people. And even when someone is coming over for a friendly drink or some companionship, there is relatively no reason whatsoever to share the bedroom with them, or to let them see inside the bedroom since there is little social need to ever spend any time together there.

As you can see, the bedroom is definitely a place of secrets, so when you are preoccupied by dreams of the bedroom, it suggests that you have some kind of secret that you are trying to keep from others. This could be a sexual secret as the kind mentioned above. However it could also be something more conventional such as a secret love for Michael Bolton’s music or a secret desire to eat meat, despite the vegetarianism you swore to recently. Whatever the secret, there are some times when it is okay to keep them, and sometimes when it would be even more beneficial to let them out. Try to weight your options here to see what the best course of action is.

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