Dream Dictionary Dark clothes

Dream Dictionary Dark clothes

Darkness is something that you see a lot. You will see a lot of darkness in your life and because you see this darkness you will end up seeing a lot of darkness in your dreams as well.

Dream Dark clothes
Dream Dictionary Dark clothes, The Dream Meaning of the Symbol of Dark clothes

Sometimes this darkness will manifest itself in the form of specific dreams like dark clothes for example. Because clothes are so common place and because dark isn’t necessarily a color in its own right, these dreams may not seem all that important at first, but their symbolic importance should not be written off so easily.

If you have a dream about dark clothes then this can mean that whoever you are dreaming about is someone that you see as having sinister intentions. This is a great technique that your mind possesses of letting you know when something or someone seems dangerous to you even when on the surface it seems as if they couldn’t be nicer. Perhaps there is someone out there that you think is putting on a façade to impress when really they are bad people at heart. The black clothes that this person is wearing in your dreams are a signifier of that.

A dream about dark clothes can also mean that the person wearing the dark clothes is a harbinger of doom or bad news. Were they telling you anything or did they give you anything? This is important to pay attention to because the entire crux of the dream may depend on what it was you learned from them. It could mean that something really bad is going to happen soon and this is your only warning. If this dream continues in the future, make sure to give this figure your undivided attention no matter how intimidating they may be.

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Its danger following you

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