Dream Dictionary Dark House

Dream Dictionary Dark House

Dreaming of a Dark House is a phenomenon as if you were dreaming of darkness in general.

Dream Dark House
Dream Dictionary Dark House, The Dream Meaning of a Dark House

If you have a dream about a dark house then this means that you are worried about the scary things that await you at home. Sometimes things can get pretty scary when things get dark, and thinking of a scary home in your dreams probably brings you right back to childhood where the dark looked darker, the big looked bigger, and the scary was even scarier than you could ever imagine. If you have a dream about a dark house it means that you have a childlike fear of something that you are dealing with in your daily life and you want to see if you can cure it or help to get rid of it with a little mental elbow grease.

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Jenifer 2017-03-02 11:32:15
I had a dream I was I in a lobby of a big dark house I was walking in and there were darkness everywhere then I started to feel weak something gushed out onto the floor I looked down it was like gushy and bloody I had there were blood spots everywhere I walked to I got weak and feel to the floor but it seemed like no one wanted to help me and call the ambulance.. I had blood dripping down my legs my pants were all bloody...

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