Dream Dictionary Dark place

Dream Dictionary Dark place

Darkness is a pretty scary thing and it is because of this that it ends up in your dreams so much.

Dream Dark place
Dream Dictionary Dark place, The Meaning of a Dream Involving the Dark place

Think about it, you sleep in the dark, when you close your eyes to sleep, all you can see is darkness in your eyelids. This means that darkness has the potential to be everywhere, even in our favorite locations. There is always a dark place, a dark park, a dark alley, a dark road somewhere in the world, and sometimes, even in our dreams.

If you have a dream about a dark place then this can and usually is a very bad dream with dark undertones. The term dark place is usually used to refer to that area of a person that is inaccessible and contains their innermost terrible thoughts and all of their hatred and sadness. This is a term that is used by psychologists and psychiatrists to help people make sense of their son or daughter’s strange fixation on going deep into themselves and dredging up all of the strongly negative emotions that make them seem like different people all together. If you have a dream in which you go to your dark place or in which you are in a dark place it means that you have been severely emotionally wounded and you are in the angry stage of your grieving. There is not much that can be done about this, you just need to come out when you are ready to feel good again.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dark place

Marie 2017-09-08 07:17:06
I had a dream that I woke from a deep sleep at home. I can't see myself but I can feel I'm walking and seeing the surroundings. At first, I got of my room and I stopped staring at our dark stairs, living room was dark too. Then I heard my family on the kitchen so I went in and I saw them and my Mom greeted me a happy birthday holding my hands and smiling. The kitchen was also dark. Can anybody help me? its a weird dream...

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Pauline 2017-03-02 11:52:34
This morning I dreamt I was with my boyfriend and we were at some kind of very dark place. It was dark and scary so I even vomited lots blood right in front of my BF but he didn't seem any care like he wasn't himself. There were others in this place with us all like him like they were controlled by something, they acted like themselves next thing they like a lost soul....something like they just stand dr not moving saying I must let them out of that place for you c I blocked da way out fr no one to get inside cz i knew we were all gonna b killed if I let ppl outside in. People from outside we know most of them even I didn't let them in cause dey were just gonna get us killed. I felt so uneasy scared bit when I woke up.

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