Dream Dictionary Darkness

Dream Dictionary Darkness

People are scared of things they do not understand or things that they do not know. The same is applied to Darkness dreams.

Dream Darkness
Dream Dictionary Darkness, The Dream Meaning of Darkness

Darkness is one of the greatest fears for all humans because it is the unknown. If you are unfamiliar with darkness or you think that you should not beware of darkness or a dark night then you need to remember that if you dream about it, it does have some significance to you.

Dreaming of the darkness can be a pretty serious experience. The darkness can be quite sobering and it is something that is not for everyone. If you have a dream about the darkness it could be because you have been traumatized recently or it could be because you are sleeping in the dark and that dark environment is seeping under your eyelids and into your thoughts. As insidious as that sounds it is a legitimate thing which can mean a lot in the right context. If you have a dream of the darkness though, this guide is here to help you with all of your darkness themed needs.

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Markus 2017-03-02 11:08:55
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We are three friends who are born on the same day would like to meet more people...
Anyway, yesterday we'd seen almost the same dream about been in darkness or got into it. How could this actually be? How on Earth could 3 different persons see the same dream about darkness on the same night? Unbelievable!
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