Dream Dictionary Dawn

Dream Dictionary Dawn

The dawn represents a reprieve from all the stress and horror you have been feeling recently.

Dream Dawn
Dream Dictionary Dawn, The Sun Rises: What it Means to Dream of the Dawn

As cliché and cheesy as it is, the dawn is still something that is seen as the epitome of all good. This is not because vampires exist or because all the monsters go away when the sun comes out. This is because dawn acts as a sense of relief. It means that a new day is here and that despite what goes on in your life and all the stresses you must suffer through, you are still alive to know that the world goes on without you and a new day will come and go no matter what.

If you have a dream in which you see dawn then this means that you have just made it through a tough time and now you are beginning to get to the end of it. The night represents the darkness in life and all of the sadness. If you can make it through this darkness though and last through it until the light comes back then you have just scored a major achievement for yourself. You have done a good job and if you want to continue to succeed in the future then this is doing a good job of making sure of that for you. Stay in the light and don’t fall victim to the dark

The dawn represents a reprieve from all the stress and horror you’ve been feeling recently. To have a dream in which you see the dawn coming in it means that you have just gone through something terrible but there is no need to fear and no need to lament because your pain will soon be over. You are now out of the danger zone and are ready to be happy once more.

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