Dream Dictionary Dead father

Dream Dictionary Dead father

The father is one of the most important influences on a person’s life.

Dream Dead father
Dream Dictionary Dead father, What it Means to Dream of a Dead father, Death of father, Dying father

You may have followed your mother around to learn what it means to be a woman from her but your dad is the one that you really got all your inspiration from so that he could take care of you when your mother became too angry with you or when things between the two of you just refused to work out.

If you have a dream of a dead father but it is not your own father, just a random one, it means that you are worried about your own skills as a father. You do not think that being a father will literally kill you but you are worried about how good of a father you could possibly be, what kind of an influence you will be, what you will get done, etc. The father figure is one of the most stalwart figures and if you did not learn from your father what you should do then you should definitely be worried about that. This is one of the most important things to pay attention to when you are dreaming about a father. To dream of a dead father though, as stated above, basically means that you are worried about your ability to be a father and how successful you will be at it.

If you have a dream of your own father dead, as in the death of father in your own family, then this means that you are worried about your father’s influence slipping on your life. Family ties are coming apart and you are not going to be able to hold them together like you once were. This is a negative thing and it means that you are going to have some serious problems coming to terms with yourself and with your thoughts later on. Your father will be an immense influence on your life no matter what your gender or how you were raised. Your father is an extremely important part of your life. And if you have a dream in which you see a dead father it means that that part of him, that influence he once held is slipping. This could be a good thing if your father was a negative influence on you or had a hold on you that you didn’t appreciate. Perhaps your father was exerting a negative influence on you to keep you from progressing in life. In this case it might be a good thing to dream of a dying father. If not though then you might want to consider getting in touch with your father again. Odds are he might want to speak with you too. There is probably something he wants to get off his chest and there are a few things you’d like to say to him too. There is a lot to say between a father and child and if your relationship is dying out this can be even more of a reason for him to talk to you.

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