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A frog exists as a symbol of beauty in spite of the fact that it is so ugly. This is because of the story of the frog prince or the princess and the frog as it is sometimes referred to. This is where a gorgeous prince is turned into a frog by a witch and she tells him that the only way he can become a prince again is if he is given a kiss by a beautiful princess. It is hard for him to get the kiss of course because everyone thinks he is trying to trick them into kissing him since frogs are so ugly and attention starved but eventually the princess realizes his inner beauty, kisses him, and they live happily ever after. This is one tale which the dream meaning of a dead frog can be partially derived from.

If you have a dream about a dead frog it might mean that you feel like you have progressed from an earlier, uglier period in your life. You feel prettier now and you think that you have made it out from where you used to be as an ugly frog. Take advantage of this newfound confidence and go out there and just be you.

If you have a dream about a dead frog it means that you feel like your inner beauty has not been noticed. You may not find yourself attractive on the outside but you sure thought you had something to offer on the inside. But now all these things are coming up which are convincing you that you may not actually have all that inner beauty that you thought you did. You have to ignore these thoughts though because everyone is beautiful on the inside and everyone shares some beauty. Just because other people aren’t noticing you now don’t mean you won’t be noticed one day. Have faith that you will one day be happier, and it will come true, believe it or not.
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Person 2017-09-01 04:22:32
I had a dream my two pet frogs died they are verify pretty frogs and I was horrified what does this mean. Does it mean I am neglecting them I hope not

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Katterkat 2017-05-30 14:57:41
I dreamed that I went outside after it rained and I seen 3 dead frogs. I was mortified.
So please tell me what this means.

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Confuse 2017-02-17 06:40:10
I dreamed that I woke up went to get water to bath from a drum and when I look at it there was only swollen dead frog with black hair floating in the water.

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Danie 2016-12-16 11:18:14
I dreamed there was a dead frog and i picked it up but tossed it, it came alive but now it looked like a mini dragon/dinosaur and it took off. help?

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Suj 2016-09-23 23:40:56
Can you please help interpreting my dream, my mom (died 2 years back) gave me a glass of hot water in which I saw a big frog with out skin (boiled and dead). And I have thrown that water after seeing the dead frog.

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David 2017-05-03 05:32:52
The Boiling water could indicate your life
might have soe up's and downs, some obstacles, even rocky times with your family.

I'd venture to guess the Frog represents how you feel less secure (Naked or skinned) with out your mom. (your age and relationship with your mom, could change this meaning)

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nine 2015-11-06 07:52:14
pretty on with reason

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