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A turtle is thought to be a being of immense wisdom and this is because of their ability to age long after humans give up and die. Many turtles can grow to be twice the age of humans and some prehistoric turtles were thought to live even longer. To see a dead turtle is to experience a profound and deep loss because it is the conclusion of an even more immense story than a human’s life is. This type of scene can also have strong significance in dream interpretation.

Turtles are known for aging far beyond the time that humans stop. Turtles can go on to live for hundreds of years, much longer than a human can, and to see a dead turtle should remind you of your own mortality. It reminds you that things do die and nobody last forever. The turtle is old, and because of that, very wise, but a dead turtle can pass on no stories. A dream like this is a wake-up call for you to be more social. Get out there and tell people your stories and make the most out of life before it is too late.

Turtles are also thought of as being slow creatures. Their strength, wisdom, and sage attitude is sometimes not taken into account. If you have a dream of a dead turtle it means you need to speed up. Life finally caught up with the turtle because he was so slow and now it’s your turn to speed up and make sure that you do not share the same fate as the dead turtle on the ground.

The one other attribute that turtles are so strongly recognized for is for being good at hiding. If they sense danger, they will immediately duck their heads in their shells and hide away until it is gone. To see a dead turtle means that hiding will not work in your situation. You are facing something that has the power to cause great damage in your life and right now the best course of action is to face it head on. Do not be afraid no matter how powerful it is, show a stiff upper lip and be ready to take what’s being dished out.
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Kari 2017-12-05 22:49:14
I had a dream where i drove into this parking lot & by the dumpsters there were dead turtles big & small. Some had their shells intact spme smashed. And all in different levels of rot. In my dread i was horrified. But i got out of my vehicle to take pictures. Then i noticed a bunch pf creepy people lerking around. So i jumped back into the vehicle where my cat was waiting for me & we drove off. I wemt home & showed my mom what i found & was afraid someone would bw after me as i took the pictures.

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Desiree 2017-09-10 05:10:50
I recently had this devistating dream about turtles. Me and another person saw a huge turtle from the belcony. Like about dinner plate sized shell. It was moving slow and I ran down to get it cause I liked it's she'll and wanted to move it so it wouldn't get hurt. As I got closer to it I noticed that not far in front of it was I tiny baby me turtle. Still a baby though. My friend picked up the baby and I said maybe she's it's momma so I took the baby and brought it to the big turtle and in my dream the mom kissed the baby like they didn't see each other for days. And they were waiting to get to each other. I was happy thinking awe cute so I gave the baby to my friend to hold. And tried picking up the big turtle it was easy at first.i was hold it in front of me about to walk down cement stairs out doors... And the turtle moved and I got scared and dropped it. It fell hard on it's back and it's shell cracked into 3 or 4 different pieces.. I was horrified and I threw my self down to try and save it but it was like a fish out of water and it died. The other person came with the baby and I took the baby and let it kiss the mom. And I could feel is heartache. I cried and my dream ended
I know it's hard to identify the meaning but it just stuck with me. Please help. Thank you

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LadyA 2017-08-23 20:09:05

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Adeusi 2017-05-18 08:02:03
I had a dream about a tortoise , I saw my self washing it, it looks like am about to cook it , but I didn't eat it, is it a bad or good dream? Please reply tolusweetheart2@yahoo.com

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Apriella 2017-03-01 06:26:03
i dreamnt that he bit his hand. Well i have a pet turtle. and he bleed and blew up and left 2 different baby turtles in its place.

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sam 2017-02-11 21:21:28
I dreamed of a dead friend carrying a dead turtle on his head. what could this mean?

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ojay 2016-11-06 22:07:26
I dreamt I saw 3 turtles, burnt with their heads out, and there were 3 foodflask beside the burnt turtles

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Yoj 2016-09-14 15:28:05
In my dreams, I saw a chicken killed a turtle. What does it means?

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Reybel 2016-06-14 07:39:47
I dreamt that I had gotten many turtle eggs and a few were cracked. Three eggs of the many that cracked had baby turtles. Each were different sizes: big-ish, medium, and tiny. However, despite being hatched in my dream I was aware that they were going to die because they were hatched prematurely. Does anyone have an idea on what this could mean?

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Karthik Nagadevara a.k.a Jeja 2016-01-20 09:01:05

I happened to Kill a turtle/tortoise in my dream. To describe my how it happened let me tell you the world i was in. It was some kind of Hilly forest filled with humongous old trees and waterfalls. Was wandering around or cant tell what i was really doing. Then took a furlong and saw a being which was following me .It was a turtle, but it seemed not like one, it was defying the characteristics of turtle, it had big sharp red teeth and it was freaking fast, was chasing me and trying to kill me. I never understood what was happening, i even forgot about this dream then it sparked out of nowhere while watching TV.

Kindly Help Me Out.
Your Friend

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Nicole 2016-01-13 09:57:54

I dreamt I was at a zoo with my family and my grandmother, with her three foster kids. We were looking at giant tortoises in an exhibit that was outside. I then picked up a rock( about the size of a small pebble) and threw it at the one gray tortoise. That caused one of my grandmother's kids to throw a very large stone at the turtle, killing it. I feel like I was responsible for killing the tortoise even though It wasn't me who threw the stone. I'm not sure what this dream is suppose to mean, but I hear turtles are sacred and it's starting to freak me out slightly.

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Dante L. 2015-12-30 07:08:46
I had a dream this half-dollar sized turtle was dead and little organisms were cleaning it around. I specifically remember seeing a leech go into the turtles back shell and taking in all the blood that was coming out underneath the turtle shell... Also I keep believing this turtle was being cleaned up to be brought back to life.

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Nidhi 2015-10-09 10:08:39
In my dream,last night I saw so many new born turtles on a road,they were squished by cars , I saw their blood, I was trying to save them but I was helpless.

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Tabitha 2015-08-22 23:32:51
I dreamt that I gave birth to a turtle but it was dead.

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Sambo 2015-07-27 16:20:26
I dreamed that turtle was cooked as soup and after my hand touched the it resurrected.

Please help to interpret?

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