Dream Dictionary Dead wife

Dream Dictionary Dead wife

If you have a dream about a dead wife, the feelings are reasonably traumatic.

Dream Dead wife
Dream Dictionary Dead wife, What it Means to Dream of a Dead wife, Death of spouse

You need to make sure that your wife’s needs are taken care of and that she’s happy or else you might find yourself in a tough position and she will not feel good about you anymore. If you have a dream in which you see a dead wife it means your relationship is in danger but it also might mean that you just need to do your best to make sure that your own needs are taken care of too. You need to take care of yourself first before you try to take care of other people and this is why you have ended up in this situation. However, if you put emphasis on both yourself and your spouse, things should work out just great.

To dream of the death of spouse is to dream of the death of the relationship. You do not dream of the death of a spouse for no reason at all, you do it for some well founded reasons. You probably have not been happy recently, either that or your wife has not been happy recently, and you are sensing that. You need to do everything you can to make sure that they are happy or else you will end up kicked to the curb and your relationship will be dead before you know it. The death of husband has the same meaning as a symbol it is just more specific to women that may have this dream. You need to do what you can to make sure that your husband is happy or else you will not be happy on your own. You need to do all you can to make sure that it is all take care of and you need to do the best that you can to make sure that you are happy too. If you are both unhappy and unhealthy, then your relationship will suffer, and your dream will come true, figuratively speaking.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dead wife

Terngu Ayua 2018-11-15 03:18:43
I had a dream about my lovely wife that she is dead and this is the second time of having a similar terrible dream

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Romita Kumar 2018-07-08 11:28:46
I dreamt of my husbands deceased wife coming to live at her funeral n huging n telling me dat c rili likes me and that she knows im going to kip him happy.The face of that woman was unknown and in reality im my husbands first wife..pls explain..

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Ravinder 2017-09-18 12:37:28
I dreamed of my deceased wife driving a car and myself enjoying the ride. She looked very happy. Please interpret.

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Perplexed 2017-08-01 13:35:53
In my dream, m sitting with my husband with some known faces and they blamed my husband for his inappropriate behaviour towards me. my husband then strangled me to death. I was saved by some of my friends that I in reality have just seen for once or two. We ended up divorced.

What does it mean??

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Howard 2017-05-22 14:25:01
I dreamed that I went to my girls work but they told me she died them I was at a hospital and I left her tablet on a chair and asked a nurse to watch it cause I was going to her office to see her things. U woke up 3 times and fail back to sleep everytime and when I would dream each dream ended with me crying alot. All three dreams were continued to the prior to me waking up and I cried so much I was scared and it was like I was awake in the 3rd dream because I remember thinking while in my dream what if I wake up while I'm crying hummm I wonder if I'll still be crying. That's weird I thought that in my dream.. why if anyone could help me please.. Ty in advance for your responses.

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Dileep 2017-01-26 21:34:08
I got a dream on 24th Jan, I myself & my wife both were dead and placed for death cermony side by side even place garland, then my dream took me to calendar and shown the date as 26th Jan, please give meaning

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cedric mcintosh 2015-04-11 16:23:07
i dreamt my deceased wife came to me riding motor cycle with a child behind her telling me to hop on.Then no sooner i found myself riding in a car she was driving then we stopped and went into a liquor store where she told to order a fifth of anything she had the money in bills and silver coins the item cost $9.75 and there was $0.25 left 2dimes and 1nickel what does this mean.

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means 2015-06-14 10:53:08
You and your wife are alcoholic motorcycle riders

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Lost in love 2016-04-12 18:37:01
[quote]Message from means
You and your wife are alcoholic motorcycle riders[/quote

Omy. Thank u for answering our prayers .

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