Dream Dictionary Demon girl, Demon child

Dream Dictionary Demon girl, Demon child


If you have a dream about Demon girl or Demon child and are worried about what it might mean, this dream interpretation should help put the mind at ease.
If your life has been rolling along just fine without a hitch then you shouldn't have to worry too much about the dream. The demon aspects of it probably related to your personal demons. Everyone has a personal demon or two. These were just the physical or psychological manifestation of those things. Demons in this sense are not actually creatures, just things that you see as a threat to you, things that you need to escape but you can't. To see a demon girl, a demon child etc just means that you are trying to escape all of your inaccuracies and all of the faults that you see in yourself.

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A 2023-12-22 06:28:17
I don’t know if my back story applies to this. But I recently went through an abortion with my partner and we broke up shortly after. I have been filled with guilt and so much sadness because I never wanted to terminate my pregnancy.

Anyways. It’s been 5 days since we broke up.
I just woke up from a dream where I happened to be in my cousins home, but it wasn’t the same. Just the same layout. I’m not sure how but I was in the room looking for something and all of a sudden a little girl is hugging my leg asking to be carried. I told her n babe, where is your mom. She continues to beg and I get down to look at her and o ask her you want me to carry you? Where is your mom? The child then proceeds to attack me and choke me but I hold her and fight away from her until I get the space and realized it is not a child and some kind of entity disguising itself.
Now this is the morbid part of my dream., as it’s trying to kill me - that’s what I sensed in this moment- I’m fighting it to where I get it’s hands off me and twist it’s head around and it snaps. The girl turned into a baby doll and there was another type of green doll laying around the room and for some reason it felt like that was some weird entity too. So I grabbed both dolls at this point and tried to break them. Ended up slamming them in between the door and threw ithem onto the hallway. I’m just confused how this all played out.
HeliosEos 2023-12-25 05:12:38
The little girl in your dream asking to be carried might represent your desire to care for and protect, which could be tied to the feelings about the pregnancy you terminated. In dreams, children often symbolize innocence, potential, and things we care for. Your reaction to the child—first, wanting to know where her mother is, then fighting off an attack—could mirror your internal conflicts. You may be grappling with protective instincts, feelings of guilt or betrayal, unease about the future, or unresolved grief.

The transformation of the girl into an entity or a doll that you perceived as trying to kill you could signify your fear of being overwhelmed by these emotions or situations. Trying to fight or destroy these entities might be an expression of your desire to confront and eliminate the negative feelings or aspects of your situation that you find threatening or harmful.

The presence of dolls turning into something sinister could suggest an unease with how things appear on the surface versus the reality underneath. Dolls are typically associated with childhood, play, and sometimes, façades, so there might be a feeling of a loss of innocence or a facade of normalcy that's been disrupted in your life.

It is also common after a traumatic event or significant life change to have dreams that are intense or frightening as your mind attempts to process what has happened.
Mark 2023-08-28 22:43:40
In my dream, I was in the passenger seat of a car, and I saw a little girl just pop her head near the windshield, so strange, because the car was in motion. I asked the person beside me ( 3 seater in truck) if she saw this little girl, she said no. The driver said yes, the one that smiled, and I was like yes. Then I look outside the passenger window and I see this demon girl right in my face inside the car..... screwed up.
HeliosEos 2023-09-02 06:07:25
The presence of a little girl appearing suddenly near the windshield while the car is in motion could symbolize unexpected or disruptive elements entering your life. This could represent new challenges, opportunities, or emotions that you may not have anticipated.
The fact that you were the only one who initially noticed the little girl could suggest that you are more attuned or sensitive to subtle changes or events in your surroundings compared to others. It could also reflect your unique perspective or intuition in recognizing something unusual.
The appearance of a demon girl in the car, right in your face, may represent inner fears, doubts, or negative emotions that have surfaced. It could be a manifestation of repressed or unresolved issues that need to be addressed.
Dray 2023-07-13 09:48:46
I dreamt, It was dark and I was walking with a female I cannot recognize behind me. I had a flash light I was using as we walked. I saw a kid young kid maybe 3 years old as I shone my light trying to see who the kid was,the kid kept turning his face to a position in which I could see his face. Then as we passed and continued walking a little further I looked back and shone my light at the kid one last time and it looked up straight at me and I saw the demonic evil eyes, they were glowing. Then I woke up
Renee 2023-02-20 07:55:27
It was late into the night with fog rolling in and I could see mountains on the horizon. I got off the bus that I took from the city into the suburb that I lived. I was at an event that I attended earlier and took the bus home so the colleague that I rode with didn't have to drive me home. It wasn't cold but warm and hazy. I walked down the empty street, noticing many houses turning off their exterior lights for the night. While walking past several houses I glanced, and I saw a small girl in a nightgown floating above the ground near a window of one the houses. It was frightening. I walked as fast as I could keeping my eyes on what she was doing and then I noticed a lady looked out the window that the girl was hovering and peering into. The lady saw her and then instantly I could see the lady's body twisted and deformed like a snap of the fingers, her bones twisted and bent backwards. I knew she must have been dead. OMG! What on earth, what was going on? I ran home as fast as I could. My family was asleep. I rushed through my house telling everyone to wake up as I and secured every window and door. I told my family to all gather away from the exterior walls and windows. From afar, I could see the girl caught up to me and was looking through the living room window. She was floating "Planking Style" looking in the window with the evilest face. I tried not to look and turned my head and caught a glance of the back door. I noticed it was ajar even though I shut it and locked it. I ran to shut it again and as I reached for the door, I could see her through the crack and then I started to feel the most extreme pain throughout my body. My body felt like all my bones were fractured and then I woke up. I swear I had a similar dream with the same demon girl the last few nights. It is super eerie to have a repeated nightmare. I am not sure if I believe in the supernatural but maybe this could be a haunting?
Andrea 2023-01-03 13:46:54
I had a dream last night that I cannot fully recall but i remember some things and they are ominous I was my normal self and in this very normal house with two other children who I couldn't recognize one of the children (a girl) age like maybe 5 or 6 was being held onto by some external energy I remember seeing the girl open her mouth like from a horror movie and bees flying out I remember crouching behind a wall and hiding not scared of her but more of like what was coming. the last thing I remember was the girl resting in her room begging for the door to stay shut and quietly repeating that "it would be back". I then saw what looked like a horned demon walk right past me , but still for some reason I wasn't scared just alert It walked to the door and walked right back away from it ,leaving the way it came. but I glanced at it , while moving out the frame of my vision and I felt... observed like it hadn't come for the girl but instead to ogle at me. I heard teeth chattering from it and it was gone. I know there was more to the dream I just don't know what. it was odd , very odd but truly but to me it didn't feel evil. I just wish I knew what it could mean or if its just my brain messing with me.
Mikada 2022-12-05 12:53:51
In my dream, I was walking down a cement pavement following behind a work mate. As I got to the bottom I see him (The work mate) veer off path and walk up an embankment. He was following a child, curious as to where they were going.

As he's veering off path I notice two others ahead of me. I decide to follow them. The path ahead were steps that descended down. As we were walking, one of the two ladies ahead recognize a young girl up on the bank above (to the left of us). As the young girl is nearing the edge of the bank, the lady ahead starts narrating as if we're part of a movie/novel.

She starts talking about how this mysterious girl appears out of nowhere and no one knows who she is.

It was then that the girl casually walks off the bank/cliff above us and starts floating. As she's floating towards us her attention appears to be on me. She gets closer to us/me until she's parallel to me on the path. As I watch her, her head and body stay firm but her eyes turn to stare at me. As she stares her eyes change from a dark brown to a thin gold/yellow hue - her stare piercing through my soul instilling a fear I never ever want to feel again.

I react by pulling the fingers attempting to show her she has no affect on me but she didn't move or flinch instead, she appeared stationary and just stared. As I start feeling threatened, im now sitting in a dark room on a single bed with a set of drawers and a little black Television box on top. The T.V appears static before it switches off, as if id been watching the girl on the tele that whole time. But in good timing fashion, my alarm goes off and I wake up. Saved my life, as id hate to know what would've happened next.
Isaiah 2022-09-16 08:58:59
Ok so in my dream I was walking around the outside of my home and when I looked down the road to see a girl with a very strong resembleence to that of samara from the ring the long black hair the white gown and she didn't move but she would only turn and after seeing her do this I would continue to peek at her out of fear and the only thing that changed is my friend in my dream would get bruised when I looked at the demon bitch and as I ran home a bomber plane flew over me and bang bang bang there's a knock at the door I all at once and I woke up anyone have any idea what in the hell happend
M 2022-05-16 17:20:45
I had a dream that I woke to my daughter screaming "daddy". Her room is next to mine.
As I exited my door and turned left to face hers, her door was wide open. She was next to her bed with her hands up crying and screaming "daddy" as she came into my vision . The door shut and swung open again, then tried to shut me out. I pushed through the door and picked her up. As I picked her up and was backing away - I caught the sight of a long dark haired demon eyes girl laying on her bed to the right of where my daughter would have been lying, opposite the side of which she was standing upon entry. The girl just glared at me - didn't move at all, just layed there in a spooning type position.
I woke up right after to see my daughter sleeping on the couch with me, where we fell asleep, peaceful as can be.
I can't get the image and thought out of my head. My daughter has always had an issue with sleeping in her room alone.
Mel 2022-04-08 10:32:35
The other night I was having a dream it was me my dad and my brother so I don’t really remember how it started but their was this girl then she was always followed by a demon sister. Then one day I told her the demon twin was dangerous and that she needs to get away. In the dream my dad told me not to do that or else something bad would happen. So then I was in the car with my dad and brother my dad was driving and me and my brother were in the back. And so then we saw the girl walking down a dirt road then my dad started freaking out saying to call my mom and tell her what I had done. So then I called my mom and the demon girl answers then I wake up
Rose 2022-01-17 09:11:09
I had a dream my cat was being possessed and I was holding it paws and it was standing up on my lap. I was trying to help it, but I couldn't my mom was with me laying in her bed saying there's nothing I can do. Then it turned into what looked like a possessed child that my cat turned into and it wouldn't let go of my hands then I growled at it out of frustration and it smirked then I thought to myself not to get mad and just looked at it then I instantly woke up.
J 2021-11-01 03:07:13
Two nights ago I had a dream where I was sleeping on my side and felt a presence behind me. My whole body was paralyzed and could only move my eyes. I felt something pressing down on my hair and heard a girl voice whispered my name. I woke up right after she spoke.
Seeker 2021-10-18 08:59:16
I dreamed a demon face with a thin child like body with a normal t-shirt and shorts, I was sleeping in my bed then I open my eyes and see a boy with a demon face with gray color and he sit like a frog and jump around and I just looked at him jumping around in my room, Then my body Is frozen and I just stared at that thing with intent to defend my self If he jump on me, I woke up and I am very sleeping my eyes was very heavy but I did not sleep couple minutes passed, I was checking videos on my phone and my mom called me and ask if I'm awake and told me a bad news my brother in law died on 7:30pm that night I was sleeping and I wake up around 10:00pm and my mom told me around 10:20pm. P.S I have multiple dreams regarding demons or dark spirits but this one was the one who creep me out the most and the very creepy part of this thing was i never saw a face of this demon on movies books or any picture about demons or monster

niterythm 2021-10-07 21:56:56
My dream/nightmare was I was at this house I never been to, there was a Mexican or Spanish family. There was a young girl getting possessed by a demon. I was stuck in this dream, I don't know what my role was. All I know is the girl was screaming, saying odd things, and just going nuts. The father and mother were grabbing her and trying to hold her down. Then a teenager came in she looked like the first girl. she started talking weird and then she looked at me and said I was next. All I remember is saying the Lord's prayer and I woke up with a start, breathing hard, and sweating. I was scared big time with the feeling that what ever it was was coming after me now. I said the Lord's Prayer lying in bed. It kind of freaked me out. Anyone have a clue what this dream means?
Summer 2021-09-25 06:35:40
I had a dream about being in school and seeing a 7 foot demon in the corner of the room. I could only see the outline of it and nothing else. The demon would give me letters with the words “I love you” all over it. It gave me another letter with a photo of a cult doing a ritual. When I left the room the demon turned into a childlike creature and it started crying. I walked back in the room and asked if it wanted to come with me. It nodded and proceeded to crawl out of the bed and onto the floor. I asked if it could walk and it shook its head. I felt bad for it and offered to carry him. I tried picking him up and he threw me to the floor. I started waking myself but before my eyes opened I heard him cry out in fear and sorrow the words “don’t leave me” which broke my heart once I woke up.
haiyaa 2021-08-01 16:18:26
i had a dream where i was taking a bath and i seen a person through the drain and she was all white like milky white nd seemed to of lived in sewers nd at first i didnt think anything of it until she started drawing a picture if me and drawing holes in the face..
Mysterious Traveler 2021-07-26 07:31:18
So my story might be on the more funny side or how I like to cope with scary things. So I have a fear of scary things and holy shit I do, but I'm also so fascinated by it to. To the story. So I'm laying on the couch home alone when all the sudden I look up and from the long hallway thats from my house (my house is like a line and a big hallway) anyway theres this girl l. She has blonde hair, double ponytail, some pink shirt, and shorts that were jean looking shorts. And she looked and stared at me, I was terrified though nothing happened. All the sudden she turned to this terrifying looking demon like figure and within 1 second of changing like that she disappeared. And she started appearing in this form everytime though and scaring the absolute hell out of what like 1 hour of trauma. I started to try and get hell cause nobody else could see this happening and my parents didn't believe me and wouldn't do anything to help. So I got drawed to a Italian restaurant ate there she turned back to her child like form and left me alone. Now this 7 year old Mexican boy started to appear but atleast he wasn't a demon.. yet.... anyway this is the 2nd day in a row where i had a dream that was based off the first one.
Junkrat 2021-06-30 23:24:18
I had a dream not to long ago were I was in what seem to be a altar like place but the place it self was made out of human skin and the little girl her self was made of the same thing her eyes were a milky white and she asked me what was the point as she wanted me to step into what seemed like a ritual ring but I put some kind of paler in her face and I haven't had a dream like that since
JoBoo 2021-06-09 06:31:17
A little girl with a demonic voice in a dream said; Open, open it. then I woke up? Does anyone know what that means?
Allyboo 2021-01-11 08:28:44
😄 . I was worried thank you for telling me
Lez 2020-08-12 02:10:47
Well I had a dream where it took place in my homes outside at night where I was sorta spying of the little evil girl and he was talking to a guy next door and I think his name was Robert and we'll she was telling him to help catch me and why did I feel like somehow he was my soulmate but the girl was small mabey 8 years old short black hair and a white dress on and we'll like he wasnt happy about trying to catch me cuz I think he liked me. But then I went inside my house and my mom was there but she was in some trance like she was being controlled by someone but then I saw this mad there to and I tried running away but he kept reappearing in front of me and I would try to get out but somehow it would be like a maze one minute I would be running towards the door to get out and the next I was running towards some closed room in my house while the guy magically appeared in front of me but yea since I rlly wanted to know what would happen i did something but yea
Mik 2020-06-13 20:21:00
I had a really weird dream where I was helping a mother out with something and she had a really cute daughter with a lazy eye and curly hair, I kept trying to assist the daughter with things and she would say stuff that was very odd, I commented on how smart she was and asked if she was trying to manipulate me and she said yes, then whilst I went over to her mother and attempted to talk to her about this we saw 2 people falling from a window and when I went to investigate it was the little girl, however somehow she was faking and she tried to push me over a cliff instead. Not necessarily a demon dream but I have no idea how else to describe it, she was just a super gorgeous, intelligent, manipulative little girl who had a lazy eye. Any thoughts?
Kesu 2019-11-02 05:23:11
Nearly in the morning like 9:30 or something I had a dream I saw a little child I did not know that child and a unknown person who acted to me like a sister in my dream told me that this child is a demon but a good one I didn't mind and I did not get scared of that child but suddenly I saw that child laying on the floor he was lying facing a door which was broken at the edge and again suddenly I got in the front of the door and saw that child bleeding from his eyes tears of blood his eyes were wide open i felt he was dead and one of his hand was pointing right down the stairs where I was standing idk why I started crying after seeing him as i lost someone really close i cried then i got reminded of my" sister"i went down stairs very scared and found her body been dragged by a unknown beast or monster I could say something was in his mouth like it was eating her organs I am not sure but I was crying I got so scared I woke up .
Starseed main 2019-10-07 09:06:47
I had a dream that I laid my son down on the couch to sleep I walked back into the living room he was jumpy on the couch with my shoes on but his eyes were still closed like he was possessed I picked him up laid him on floor started to sing Jesus loves the little children and he said shit the f**k up then I took him in the room put him on the bed and started praying then I saw a yellow light with white flower of life symbols every where and then I woke
Does anyone know what that means it scared me
Viv 2019-09-03 16:41:48
I had a dream that i took my little sister and we were coming back home my sister was in the front porch but when we arrived to the driveway two little asian kids holding some black cardboards like to cover their faces idk but they had big black eyes and wanted to play with my sister i said sure but my sister said no but then they started acting suspicious the two asians were chasing each other around but they made my sister cry when they stood still to look at her but then made her laugh at then end they were really worrying me so I gave my little sister to my other sister and the little asian asked if my lil sis can chase my them around the other buy was nowhere in sight . My sister said no and than the kid said ok thats fine and soon as he was leaving i see a shadow underneath me like the other boy and started pulling on my sisters leg thats when i woke up.

Emily 2019-08-17 13:17:02
(I'm only 14 )I woke up at 6 am from a nightmare, but for me nightmares a very common I have one almost every night. Sometimes I even have the same nightmare but years apart and I remember them in great detail. The one I had was where I was at a summer camp, and I was teaching kids how to do a paper craft. So then the dream completely stopped for .25 of a second, and I was being locked in a house by a 10 year old boy his skin was cold and white so white it was almost blue. The boy would always boil water with a gas stove and every time he would boils the water he would stick a metal stick in it and poke me. Then he would force me to stick my arm all the way up to my elbow in the boiling water and hold it there till he said so. Then the dream stops for another.25 of a second , and cuts to a female vampire type off thing. She get up and she's pale but still has very little color to her, but when she gets out of the coffin she's in the middle of a forest and she's about 100 feet away from where I'm held. Then she starts drawing a diamond in the ash that was in the coffin with a knife and holding a diamond pendant necklace with a wolf symbol inside. Then on accident her hand touches the symbol making the necklace go on her and the completely black wolf want to kill her. So she's run and finds the cabin I'm being held in, and the only way the demon kid would go see what was going on is if I put my arm in boiling water again so I did. Then he goes out and shouts the door and locks it, but then the vampire girl stops screaming cause she died and the i start hearing bees against the door. Then the boy starts screaming cause the bees are killing him and the I wake up. Im in a slight sleep paralysis, but the just being so out of it and tired I fell back asleep. Then the dream continues but just everything is such a dark blue it's basically black and the demon boy sitting and rock in a corner staring at me while I just hear screaming and crying. Then I wake up at 6:30AM in a sleep paralysis but I slowly got out of it and now i have been typing this for the last hour and 20 minutes cause now I'm terrified to go back to sleep.
Nela 2019-07-27 04:19:12
I had a dream, about a a possessed little girl. I just prayed in my dream and helped her get back to normal. She was the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen! The whole time after that I just trying to help her get into heaven, trying to help fly up. I felt so frustrated, I actually feel like crying right now. We tried so hard but, we just couldnt. I knew she wanted to be up there......I felt it.
Ree 2019-07-24 22:42:00
A childhood place you remember going that was frightening everything is fimilar and a guy has a daughter that had no head she died you hear about ghost you know there will be one and you sleep with your family you felt like you’ve had this dream before you wake up and she’s there with black hair and a white or pink dress she was hovering and I was told to get up but I told myself this is fake and woke up to search about this
Jen 2019-02-23 22:45:02
I had the creepiest dream that turned into sleep paralysis. I had a dream that I looked out my second floor bedroom window and saw a couple of girls just sitting in the driveway playing. One looked up at me and she had a very white face, almost like she covered it in white paint. Her eyes were black, nothing there. She held hands with one girl and they walked to my apartment. I woke up having sleep paralysis and could hear her walk in my room. I tried waking myself up which I did but was so exhausted I fell right back to sleep immediately. I woke up having sleep paralysis again and someone said if I fall asleep again it will be terrifying so when I woke up I forced myself awake. This was creepy to me bc I saw that girl in two other dreams tonight. She pops up randomly and keeps trying to get me, it’s so creepy.
CamRyder 2019-06-16 19:59:55
I had a dream where I was at my grandparents house and I decided to watch my TV in my room and there was static then out of nowhere a I saw a demonic girl with black eyes laughing and screaming, it was ear piercing loud and I was so terrified, I tried to run out of the door but I couldn’t move. Then I saw a roach on my bed and tried to kill it but lost track of where it went. I was finally able to move and went to the living room to watch tv in there. Everything seemed normal, I was watching some cartoon, and then the demon girl showed up again, I told my grandparents and they said “Cameron, that’s just a evil cult, god is the only true god”. Then I saw a VHS tape cover that said “Johansson Family Cult Book”, and under the text it said “25 Valentines Day Stickers”. I might have had some false memories about this dream but boy was it scary!
James 2019-01-03 16:54:27
I had a dream about a kid he was all black with black eyes just staring at me I was in a car and tryed to escape but the kid was at my paste but his legs weren't move he wasn't moving just starting at me strange
Isaac J R 2018-11-15 08:22:17
I woke up around 3ish in the morning from a bad dream. This pale skin girl with long black hair & I can just see her coming out under a bed . She just stood there and open a plain black mouth like if she was screaming but with no sound. I woke up afraid. Couple nights before I felt someone pushing my back and I couldn't move. I been having these bad nightmares since I moved in with my gf and her parents. She said as a kid she will see a little girl. Just like the one I saw in my dream. I don't know how to feel anymore, I haven't been praying either. I just don't feel motivated anymore. All this is very confusing...
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Mandy 2019-05-02 19:26:49
I literally got goosebumps reading this. I have the same extract dream, but mine is a little boy. Maybe 6-8 years old. Pale skin. Screaming with no sound. I have this dream in variations over and over. Sometimes with sleep paralysis.
S 2019-02-28 07:05:37
That may be a demon. The only way to fight evil is with Truth and Light and Love- God's love, truth, and light, and even if you may not believe this Jesus is the One who will make the evil leave, and not overcome you. I've had real bad experiences in life with demons in my dreams and in real life (waking world). One key point to remember is hatred, unforgiveness, rage, violence, bitterness, an unhealthy environment (with abuse and drug abuse, and sexual immorality and arguing, fighting, etc.), and evil thoughts may attract the evil spirits/demons as evil is drawn to evil, pain and discord. I am currently homeless, staying with family, and I can tell you I've had some supernatural experiences and dreams about demons during this difficult time as they smell my fear and sorrow during this tragedy. Also, I am staying with an abusive mother who I argue with sometimes, and that only upsets and discourages me further, and is surely not spiritually uplifting. Reading the bible, praying, uplifting music, doing good deeds, forgiving, and telling the evil to leave in the name of Jesus are some ways to help spiritually fight the darkness. If you lose hope and faith, that is when they are stronger and like predators may pounce (demon possession). I am not trying to scare you. I want to educate you and others on this when I can so they can know what to do. I truly hope you get through this hurdle. The same for myself. I hope you will keep the Faith and Hope in God and Jesus. I hope He protects you and brings angels to encourage you of His love. A song that is uplifting for me is called Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong and Nobody Loves Me Like You by Chris Tomlin. Don't give up! Keep Trying! I hope for the best for you. Evil spirits sap spiritual strength, so every bit of you must fight including the mind. Do you hardest to Think pure thoughts such as, "I am glad and grateful I have food to eat." or "What a lovely afternoon with the sound of chirping birds and a nice, mild, cool breeze" and try to take walks in nature with someone you trust or on your own if you feel safe to do that, and try not to isolate inside, and get outdoors even to walk over to the mailbox (whether it's close by or not) or to go to a gas station, etc. Perhaps even going to a cafe or library or art gallery may be uplifting and enjoyable. I hope whatever afflicts or haunts you is defeated.
Jeannine 2019-06-04 16:46:43
Wow thank you so much for your reply to his post. I found it very inspirational and helpful. I believe what you say to be 100% right on. I appreciate your positivity.

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