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If your dream that you are having focuses on the idea of demon possession then this has a slightly different twist on the definition of the dream. If you have a dream in which you are possessed by a demon and it starts to use your body as its own while you have no ability to stop then this basically means that one of your personal demons is monopolizing your time in real life. You are being totally consumed by thoughts about one particular troubling memory, one sad thing that you keep being forced to revisit even though it causes you so much pain, etc. You can’t let your thoughts and your individuality be sapped out of you y old memories that you can’t stop. Do the best you can to escape from this harmful thought process.
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Manal 2017-04-25 10:23:58
I had a dream that i was in a place full of cross and i was in the middle of the place when someone enter and she's pocessed by a demon and all the crosses becomes down but i held one cross in my hand and pray with all my heart to jesus so he want leave me and everytime i pray a layer of that person removes and the demon start to be seen as soon as it been removed she starts to chock me and tell me don't say his name ( btw she was gorgeous) but i couldn't stop and i continued to pray afterward everything disapear and i thought i was awake until i get up and saw her again sitting with a guy telling him : if she ever asked for my help i won't help her she doesnt deserve just leave her here that is the second time i come to her and she refuses me. ( and that is real i saw the same exact dream with the same demon from years before but in a different type and i haven't accepted her) and I woke up

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Lia 2016-10-19 13:30:56
I believe it's you wrestling with your own demons. Perhaps you are lamenting having a good conscience as in - If i didnt care about being a good person, perhaps life would be easier. you know how it appears that those that lie, cheat and steal get away with things... while those of us trying to live an upstanding life continue to struggle ?) . Perhaps it's your own way of towing the line between light and dark.

Interestingly enough, last night I had a dream that I was possessed. The demon in me roared in ferocious anger (it almost felt like I was vomiting).
I am not religious- I was raised in a very strict fundamentalist Muslim family.

I have dabbled in Satanism, the Occult etc NOT ONCE did i have a paranormal experience... which later caused me to become disinterested in it.

I am a skeptic to say the least.

However, last night during the dream, I exorcised myself with Christian references (so odd as I am not Christian).

My question is - is this my own internal demons of anger (towards the horrific childhood events) that are surfacing? I have PTSD and am Bi-Polar II so it could be anxiety manifesting in dream-state. IDK perhaps i am terrified of letting my anger consume me and it is the very demon with which i wrestle.

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pavel 2016-12-11 01:56:40
How curious. Did you see this dream again afterwards?

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Shannon 2016-09-28 20:57:29
I had a dream that a deamon was trying to possess me or turn me evil. I did not let it happen and by then I had woke up . What does this mean exactly?

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