Dream Dictionary Discussion

Dream Dictionary Discussion

Discussion is something that you might say takes place on a daily basis depending on how loose or how strict your definition of discussion is.

Dream Discussion
Dream Dictionary Discussion, The Dream Meaning Surrounding the Idea of Discussion

A discussion is essentially seen to be a conversation by many people, but the undertones of that and the underlying thoughts behind that are so much more than just a conversation. The idea behind a discussion is that it is something that happens when someone does something wrong or when someone has a serious problem with someone else.

If you have a dream about a discussion then this means that you think it is time to have a talk with someone. You have been having certain feelings that you’ve been thinking about and that have been brewing in you for some time. You are not sure what you want to say exactly and you are not even sure if what you say will make a difference at all, but it does mean that all you need to do is have a talk with the person that you’ve been thinking about having a talk with this entire time.

The difference between a discussion and a conversation is that a discussion has a set objective pre-ordained by one person before the discussion took place and he is using that time to get that out of there. A conversation evolves organically and could be about any number of subjects. If you have a dream in which you are having a discussion it means that you feel like either you have done something wrong recently or like someone else has done something wrong and you are not sure you have the courage to approach them about it. You have to muster up some courage if you want to deal with this situation.

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