Dream Dictionary Dog escaping, Dog running away

Dream Dictionary Dog escaping, Dog running away

If you are a dog owner, to have your dog leave you one day is probably one of your biggest fears.

Dream Dog escaping, Dog running away
Dream Dictionary Dog escaping, Dog running away, What it Means when You Dream About Dog escaping, Dog running away

You bond with your dog and he or she becomes like a member of the family. If your dog dies then this will give you a serious case of sadness. However what could be even worse is if you see your dog escaping. This means three different things that will make you sad. One, your dog is gone, this will make you sad for obvious reasons because you will miss him or her dearly. Two, your dog left you but now you have to worry about why he or she left you. Were you not a good owner? Did you not do something that you were supposed to do? Did you not train your dog well enough .When you are rejected and cannot be told why you are left to fill in the blanks yourself and this can be quite vexing and it will make you sad. Three, if your dog never comes back you will never have closure. Did they run to someone to love with them and are being well taken care of by a new family? Did your dog make it five minutes outside the house only to be run over by a truck and then disposed of on the side of the road? You will never know and this is what makes it so depressing.

However what does it mean when you have a dream about your dog escaping? Well it means you are asking some of the same questions of yourself as listed above in relation to another relationship that you are currently in or that you currently have. You think that you have been sad about the way you have treated your dog or the way you have treated someone just as important to you in your life. To dream of your dog running away means that you have a really sad dilemma in one of your relationships that you need to deal with immediately, or risk ruining it.

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Shelby 2018-08-30 16:02:18
I had a dream that I took my dog and a few friends to a canping trip, and I forgot to bring my dog any sort of food. My friend insisted in going out and doing something fun, and I looked down at my dog who did not have anything to eat, with a sad look in his eyes, and decided to look away from him as I grabbed my bag to head out. while I was grabbing my bag he ran out of the door and ran around the campsite, until he eventually was out of our sight and deep into the woods, free. I think the dream coorelates to a different relationship in my life, with my ex boyfriend. I neglected the relationship and didnít treat my boyfriend with great care and love. I broke his heart, as I did my dogs in the dream, setting them both free.

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Sylena Gaza 2017-12-16 04:12:04
I had a dream that me and my dad were outside on the naval base (where we live) and we couldnt find my dog. We where looking around the base to find him with a old man bringing him inside of the house. We told the man that he was our dog but nemo wouldmt come to us after we called his name so the guy didnt belive us and our dog went inside of the old mans house and then I woke up crying.

Is there a meaning? If so, tell me?

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Rios 2017-07-09 15:40:37
I was too tired to give my dog another bath. I went to sleep, and had the nightmare. My father was there, the back fence had a huge gap and we couldn't find him. There was lots of traffic, and I woke up panicking.

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Preston 2017-03-31 02:14:26
My dogs name was Rocky and I loved him with all my heart, we went on a camping trip a few mouth ago and we took Rocky with us. Its was fine for a couple of hours but then we didn't see him, so we started calling out to him and I went trying to find him but no luck. So when we came home that day I went calling for him and looking for him, but I had no luck, so we waited for days then weeks but no luck.... I lost my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD, and I miss him every second of the day, I just wish with all my heart that he would return to me, like he did in my dream. I love you Rocky and I will never forget about you. Love Preston

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Joey 2016-01-05 07:16:07
I recently took a trip with my uncle's family and his behavior was not very welcoming or hospitable sometimes he would be ok and then his behavior would go to uncaring to unfair there were several instances where I wished I had just stayed home a day after I got back from my trip with he and his family I had a dream the beginning of the dream is a little unclear now but I know for a fact that in the dream I was running towards a truck trying to escape the bite of a dog and I kept calling his name Uncle Uncle help me and I am falling off of this truck the side of this truck and I'm a very short person but I should have been able to jump up onto the truck and the dog is behind me barking and growling and I'm hanging halfway on to the truck and trying to propel myself forward so that I could avoid getting bitten by this dog all the while I was calling his name he calmly went over to his truck or car walking leisurely and slowly like he has no care in the world and got some tape and threw a piece on to the dog that was doing nothing to him collect the dog belong to him and yanked it off and the dog just went away I'm unclear what that means because I had a dream about my aunt the same night also

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