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You might see a dog is dying, dead etc. Even though some of these are fairly morbid, this does not necessarily mean something bad about you. All it takes is a little dream interpretation to find out the true meaning and what it actually says about you.

If you have a dream where a dog is dying, dead etc then this means that you need to be more responsible. You are not doing your part or what it takes to take care of your responsibilities in life. Because a dog is such an enormous responsibility, a dog as a symbol can make up a great deal of your perception of responsibilities. To dream of a dog dying means that you are not taking care of some large responsibility that you have in life and instead you are choosing to let it stagnate and get worse and worse. If you have a dream where it seems like you need to take care of a dog then this means you need to take care of whatever it is that this dog represents in real life before it is too late. Stand up and accept the job and stop shirking responsibilities.
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vazdev 2015-01-23 02:37:42
In my dream I want some witness. As there is none, tried to get the sign of the near by animal, which is a dog. As I hold it, unknowingly lifted it and it fell down and dead. like this two dogs have died. Am shocked to see. What does it mean.

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