Dream Dictionary Dog is dying, Dog dead

Dream Dictionary Dog is dying, Dog dead


You might see a dog is dying, dead etc. Even though some of these are fairly morbid, this does not necessarily mean something bad about you. All it takes is a little dream interpretation to find out the true meaning and what it actually says about you.

If you have a dream where a dog is dying, dead etc then this means that you need to be more responsible. You are not doing your part or what it takes to take care of your responsibilities in life. Because a dog is such an enormous responsibility, a dog as a symbol can make up a great deal of your perception of responsibilities. To dream of a dog dying means that you are not taking care of some large responsibility that you have in life and instead you are choosing to let it stagnate and get worse and worse. If you have a dream where it seems like you need to take care of a dog then this means you need to take care of whatever it is that this dog represents in real life before it is too late. Stand up and accept the job and stop shirking responsibilities.

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Tessa 2023-12-14 06:44:28
I had two similar dreams of each of my dogs within weeks apart. The dream is that I decide they are ready to go and take them to vet to put them down, only to realize hours after they pass that I was wrong and they had so much more time. In both I went back to the vet and demanded to know why they had let me do that without question. And in one I even held my (currently living) dead dogs body SOBBING in my dream and begging the vet to bring them back. Both had a huge feeling of loss and regret. Woke up sobbing a both times and went to get said dog each time to bring to sleep with me for the rest of the night, hugging them and sobbing. What does this mean??
theDream 2023-12-15 02:38:05
Here are a few possible interpretations:

1. Fear of Loss: The dream may represent a deep fear of losing your beloved pets. Pets often become integral members of our families, and the anxiety surrounding their well-being or eventual loss can manifest in dreams.

2. Guilt or Doubt: If you are facing decisions regarding your dogs' health or care in your waking life, the dream may reflect feelings of guilt, uncertainty, or the fear of making the wrong choice for their wellbeing.

3. Reflection of Responsibility: As a pet owner, you are responsible for the life and care of your pets. The dream could symbolize the weight of this responsibility and the fear of not living up to it or making a decision that may not be in their best interest.

4. Subconscious Processing: You may be subconsciously processing emotions or memories related to past experiences of loss or grief. Not necessarily limited to pets, these feelings could be tied to any aspect of your life where you felt regret over a decision you made.

5. Empathy and Compassion: The intense emotion you feel in the dream may reflect your strong bond and empathetic connection to your pets, emphasizing your compassionate nature and deep concern for them.

It’s important to remember that dream interpretation is subjective and highly personal. Your own feelings and current life circumstances will significantly influence what the dream means to you. If these dreams are causing you distress, it may be helpful to:

- Reflect on any current concerns or decisions you're facing regarding your dogs or other areas of your life.
- Consider speaking with someone you trust about your dreams and emotions, such as a family member, friend, or therapist.
- Ensure you're taking care of your emotional and mental health in your waking life, as stress and anxiety can often lead to unsettling dreams.

Lastly, spending quality time with your pets and ensuring they're healthy and happy can provide reassurance and possibly ease the anxiety that seems to be prompting these dreams.
Ester 2022-10-05 02:03:12
I had a dream about my dog who sadly passed away a week ago. The dream was that I was on my bed trying to fall asleep but I couldn’t basically I couldn’t sleep without my dog so I took him and I hugged him and then I couldn’t move it was like sleeping paralysis I was screaming for help but no one heard me and then i woke up. So I don’t know what it means
HeliosEos 2023-11-06 07:53:58
The presence of your dog in your dream likely symbolizes the profound connection and bond you shared with them. Seeing your dog again may represent a desire for comfort and reassurance during this difficult time of grief and loss. Your longing for your dog and inability to sleep without them could reflect your struggle to come to terms with their absence and adjust to a new routine.

The sensation of sleep paralysis, where you were unable to move or call for help, is a common experience in dreams and often linked to feelings of powerlessness or being overwhelmed in waking life. It may be indicative of your inability to cope with the loss of your beloved pet and the emotional distress it has caused you.

The dream ending with you waking up can signify a transition from the dream world back to reality. It could also indicate a desire for resolution or closure, suggesting that you are still in the process of grieving and finding a way to move forward.

To gain more insight into the true meaning of your dream, it may be helpful to reflect on your emotions and thoughts surrounding your dog's passing. Consider exploring your feelings of attachment, loss, and longing for closure.
Coby Meldrum 2022-08-13 03:09:28
Hi, I’m in the military and live far away from any of my family and I recently had a dream where I was visiting a home where my family was staying and I was getting ready to leave and go somewhere, as I was leaving the dogs seemed to want to come (my childhood dog, a dog I don’t know, and a dog that my cousin owns), as I see them running towards the door my cousins dog (German Sheppard) lands on my childhood dog ( wiener dog ) and she goes completely flat, I frantically ran to her as she was suffocating and tried to open her lungs and get her to start breathing again, I then pointed to my cousins and asked them to help me scream for help, as this is happening I continue to try to get my dogs chest to fill up with air but woke up right after seeing her turn into a flat distorted carcass. This happened previously in the dream with someone else’s dog and the problem was resolved with the same tactics I attempted with my dog but that dream wasn’t as recent so I don’t remember key details. I haven’t seen my childhood dog since I was about 9 or 10 so I’m confused on the meaning of this dream as to it being so horrifying.
twayla 2022-01-13 13:32:28
I had a dream of me holding and cuddling my dying dog
brooke 2021-06-29 06:41:06
i had a dream
tbat i was at school in this far far over the ground school and i was walking across the old rope bridge with my puppy and my foot fell through and broke the board and i started to say atleast she didnt fall but she fell through and i watched her fall and felt all of the panic and forced myself awake, but in last nights dream i saved her before she fell all the way through. What changed?
Elaine 2021-06-22 23:35:16
I had a dream that my dog new adopted 2 months ago died in my dream when some wild tiger or panther our neighbor owned
came in to our house and were tearing the pets we had and the rescue team were carrying my dog away....seeing him get stiff made me cry so real... I woke up with sounds of mourning n actual tears like having a night terror. He was badly scratched and eaten by the wild tiger... What does this symbolise,??
Frida 2021-06-21 07:26:36
I had a dream were I was in a mall with my mom and I bump into co-workers as im heading out, I see my little puppy in the store, as I try and take it out my grandpa is standing beside my husky who is bleeding out because someone hurt him. I run to him, I hug him, crying, saying that hes gonna be Okay, then he starts panting as if hes loosing his breath and manages to bark slightly at me and puts his paw on my cheek where my brother proceeds to tell me that theres blood in my cross necklace that I was wearing. I hug my dog more crying and crying and he dies in my arms I then proceed to get a knife and go after the person who did this which was a family member.
Tracy 2020-08-29 12:25:52
I just had a dream there was a flood with entire trees floating in the water two of my dogs made it out. I was frantically searching for my third and found her drown under debris with branches stuck in her head. I can still feel the weigh of her body in her arms as I did in the dream carrying her lifeless body out of the water. It was a disturbing dream.
Ngcebo 2020-07-30 00:32:06
I had this very strange dream of my son killing a dog and as a family, we were assisting him. The dog seemed to be evil since it had scary things around the neck. It was difficult for it to die because there was a time we thought it was dead but it woke up and tried to get away but then we beat it with logs, in fact I managed to trap it and stroke until it made its last kick. What was strange is that when it was lying there dead, the body looked like human, more like one of my sons.
Renae 2020-07-09 05:40:58
I had a nightmare where there was crazy things happening, like shootings, apocalypse, and just crazy people, and somehow someone got into my house and silently killed my two year dog and my seven year old cat. I tried stopping the bleeding but it wouldn’t stop, I even felt the warmth of the blood filling my hands as I was crying over my babies. Nobody was helping me save them.
Jake 2020-06-27 22:55:19
Out of all the things I read about this subject, This seems to be the most likely scenario I am having... 6/26/2020 through 6/27/2020, was the night I had a dream where I was running up the stairs with my dog then she just dropped… No one seemed to notice her but me. When I asked everybody around me, but then, I noticed something was a bit off; they all were relatives who are all very old or have recently passes away, except for my mom. That is when they all looked at her and said she’ll be fine and a slightly translucent version of my mom picked her up by a handle of a white dress that appeared on my dog when I wasn’t looking and carried her over to some void... when I looked at the void, that was when I woke up.
Husky 2019-11-14 09:52:19
I wondered if anyone could help me out

Last night I had a morbid dream that I was in a wood somewhere my guess cold because there was snow on the ground , I was looking for my dogs winter and floki

I came across the spleen of my dog winter , I picked it up and it broke apart and inwards spilled out onto the floor and I ran in search for my other dog I dont k ow if I managed to find him and the dream becomes rather blurry after that

Iv read through some of your dreams and interpretations and could make lots of possible links.

To give it context , I'm a veteran and this past weekend has been quiet a bad one , I lost friends in service and a potential relationship broke down the day before this dream.

I want to move to alaska with my dogs eventually and start mushing for a living so I know It could be this , but i am terrorised with morbid dreams and i cant remember the last time i had a good dream to be completely honest , sometimes i dont sleep just to avoid the nightly showings of how f**ked up my brain is ...

Thanks people

Sandra 2019-09-01 17:05:29
I had dream that a dog was waiting to see me before he died when he saw me had him in my arms he just died it was like he was waiting to die and wanted to see me first wat that mean
. 2018-07-25 07:06:39
I had a nightmare that my pet dog and two other white dogs were sitting on park benches with some dodgy but nice looking man and woman. I said to them that even tho their dogs were big that they were beutiful. I pat my dog who was in between the two white dogs and the man went into a store nearby, came out with a neon green gun and shot one of the white dogs. I stood in front of my dog saying that he would have to shoot me first, but the said fin and moved out of the way. From there it cut and I woke up sweating and balling my eyes out. I still can’t belive that in my dream I would have let the man kill my dog.
Robert 2018-06-27 11:27:05
I was playing with my dog normally and the dream took place where my mother came home telling me my dog had passed away and brought in a new puppy she looked so like frightened and the puppy had a purple red eye and got out of the cage I put him in I think the puppy was angry too.
Marcus D. G. 2018-06-08 16:36:17
I recently had a dream where I was washing a puppy, and as I was washing him, his fur started to come up in patches and it wouldn't stop. When I tried to just rinse the soap off so I could get him out of the tub, it wouldn't disappear and it started to look like he was melting away. Can anyone help me with trying to understand it?
Naklang 2018-06-08 15:36:51
I had a dream I shit in the dogs mouth and he ate it..what does it mean
Christopher Fountain 2019-04-16 19:46:52
It means that you are a retard! It also means that you're mentally ill! My assumption is that you're a pedophile! Overall I think you're a scumbag in general. I think your family are inbreds! I think you are dying with a venereal disease! overall check yourself into a mental institution! Scumbag!
Moni 2018-04-11 15:46:50
I just woke up after a sad dream. My ex husband which i love and grateful for the kids was in my dream with me .we found my dog dead outside the house Apparently in the dream the dog froze to death. My real dog is old and dying nothing wrong with him just ol.about 15 yrs old.what could my dream be

Carl 2017-12-02 13:54:08
I am 11 years old and my dog had recentily past away. I was the one taking care of him and i had just dremt about the whole happing again. What does this mean?
Michaela 2017-11-03 20:10:41
Last night I had a nightmare that my mom and dog both were dead and we were at the funeral home my mom was laying there and we put my dog in the casket with her so he would always be with someone who loved him. I woke up crying and out of breath, I thought it was real.
Jessica 2017-10-21 10:35:01
So I had I nightmare and my dog Toby he ended up getting out. I was for some reason at my mom's house. Me my mom and my grandaddy were up stairs. We heard toby whining and crying so we run out and this guy next door was holding toby and literally sawing him in half and I was shocked cause this guy's face was terrifying. So I stood there shocked and crying and when he was done he set toby down and toby had such a hard time so I being the "owner" of him picked him up and petted him trying to calm him down while screaming at this guy. I never met this guy like he isn't the next door neighbor I know cause he looked in his 40s while the neighbor was around their 50s or 60s
melody 2017-10-08 16:53:55
I had a horrible dream that my sisters dog had gotten ran over by a truck. The dream was very graphic. I saw everything it was traumatizing. I was screaming in the dream and sobbing loud saying "NO" a million and one times. I woke up out of breath and started to sob quietly. The dream felt real. It was probably one of the worst that I have had. What does it mean?
Sagar 2018-02-04 02:23:02
Hi Melody, I had the exact dream today. Did u get any answers to it .? . My dream had a stray pet of mine been lying dead which was brutally ran over by some car ,and to the body was flat to road . This stray pet dog is closest to my family out of the 4 stray dogs . Couldn't stop crying.. wok up to find. ,she is fine ..

Do let me know if u gt any answers to it..

michelle 2017-08-17 14:44:58
I had an early morning dream where I was in a what felt like a hotel, but with a basement. (I knew it wasn't my house).I purposely started a fire by leaving something on which gave me time to grab my stuff. As I was leaving the fire started to take hold and I looked down in the basement and there were 2 dogs...a pug and a golden retriever, but with reddish fur. The pug came to me when I called and got out, but the GR wouldn't come up at all. In the end it grabbed his toy and stayed. I saw the flames starting to get around him and I woke up
Lydia 2017-06-24 13:00:50
I had a dream that took place in my childhood home. I noticed ants around my parents bedroom and for whatever reason i left, but when I came back a HUGE spider was there. So I called my mom in, she's a dramatic about killing spiders, and even she was afraid. When she tried to kill it with something it got away and somehow ended up on my dogs head. It was so morbid and gross, her head looked caved in. It was so sad
Amy Y 2019-04-09 07:34:52
I had a dream of these tiny little worm things were stuck in my Dads old maroon carpet. When they got on me they opened up and dug into my skin biting me. Afterwards I was digging thru his carpet and found my sweet Lucy behind a side table. She had been bitten. It went on ALL night! I’d wake then fall asleep and the dream continued. It was awful. I’m terrified because my young son passed in January. 885

Ani 2017-05-05 05:18:25
I had a dream that my dog was taken by a coyote and I couldn't get him back and I was sobbing in real life. But with a miracle I found him and he survived. Then I just ended up hugging him
Manisha Rawat 2017-04-19 19:39:36
I saw in my morning dream someone killed my pet dog. What dose it mean.
Dyanna 2017-04-11 22:16:26
Just woke up, my dream very weird. It had my dog that has been dead for years but here's the weird part he had been skinned and left at my front door. Help it was so scary .
Carl 2017-03-26 18:39:03
I had a dream that there was a goldennretreiver in some weird micky mouse cabin in the woods and I had this drean b4 but it was about racing with little kids in the same setting and it was the same dog but he was older now, and he lookes at me with the little puppy dog eyes... and he was dying... and all the sudden I was putting him down?! I diddnt want to kill him but I wasnt controlling myself! The dream was! And I tried to stop it but b4 I knew it his head was cut off... I am so deppressed and I wish I could say sorry to the dog but it was a fictional character in my dream... I wish the dog diddnt die I love dogs!!! Wye did I have a dream about killing a dog?! I hate this dream!!!
I dont even have a dog!!!!
Shelby D 2017-03-19 10:48:24
I had a dream where I saw my dog get ran over by a car and I ran up to her to try and comfort her. Then I woke up crying and starting hugging her.
Zuri 2017-02-10 19:47:59
In my dream I took my dog to the store with me and when I came out his neck was hanging from his body

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