Dream Dictionary Dog on fire

Dream Dictionary Dog on fire

Want to know what it means when you dream of dog training in general? Well, this is the dream meaning..

Dream Dog on fire
Dream Dictionary Dog on fire, The Meaning of a Dream that is About Dog on fire

A lot of the time dogs can be really interesting in your dreams because there they tend to do all kinds of things that you cannot imagine normally or that you would not normally imagine.

If you have a dream about a dog on fire then this can mean two different things. For one it can mean that you really need to start paying attention to things. A dog on fire is sure to get your attention from its yells, or even if it is somehow magically protected from the fire, when a fire is moving around at the rte that a dog normally moves at you will find it hard not to turn your head. A dog is something that you should pay close attention to and to have a dream in which you see a dog on fire it means that you are avoiding or not paying attention to some very important things in your life that do in fact deserve your attention. This is the way it works here. This dream could also mean that you are incredibly negligent of your responsibilities. A dog is a responsibility. You need to know how to take care of them and invest time and energy into it. If this dog somehow catches fire it shows that you are at the pinnacle of irresponsibility, being unable to prevent a dog from catching on fire, a task that it seems just about anyone should be able to accomplish.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dog on fire

anonymous 2017-06-12 05:38:22
I dreamt that I met my x girlfriend and saw a dog on fire in the house she lives, although she was not the one that tied the dog. it was a very big domestic dog but may be arrogant. it was tied in the dream in a standing posture, its mouth was also tide and it looked as if the dog was being roasted alive. I asked my girlfriend why do they do that,she didn't know why but it was not strange to her in the dream.
please does anyone understand what does this dream mean. I don't have dog in my house, please I want to know what does it mean if any has an idea on its interpretation.

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julie 2017-04-09 11:45:35
That is BS. I am the best doggie mom ever and I dreamt both my pooches were catching fire. I pay more attention and give them more love than I do ANYTHING!

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assweevil 2014-09-06 17:00:34
I am a sneed

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