Dream Dictionary Dystopian world

Dream Dictionary Dystopian world

In dreams you might see something that seems entirely ridiculous to you.

Dream Dystopian world
Dream Dictionary Dystopian world, The Dream Meaning Behind the Symbols of Dystopian world

You might see something which seems totally crazy. You might see a dystopian world being powered by a single dynamo which is then blown up by stacks and stacks of dynamite. This dream symbol is an important one.

If you have a dream about a dystopian world, the definition is pretty obvious, but not many people actually know what a dystopian world is, or they might be confused about the definition in one way or another. A dystopian world is basically a society in which everything seems perfect and all things seem like there are no problems with them, but underneath it all there is some sinister force that is being governed by the same entities that control this dystopian world. For example the world crafted in the book 1984 by George Orwell would be a perfect example of a dystopian world. This is because the people living in the dystopian world seem to give off an air of extreme contentment and happiness with their lives but when it comes down to it, as it turns out, they are not happy at all because their lives are totally controlled by the government and they are living in constant fear that if they have even the smallest misstep, even a stray negative thought, and they will be killed, or spirited away.

If you have a dream in which you are living in a dystopian world it means that while you are giving off the impression that your life is great and perfect, you aren’t actually living by those tenets and you end up having a lot of underlying issues contributing to making you feel terrible. While your life might appear perfect to onlookers, it only takes a small dig beneath the surface and a few seconds of looking for them to determine that you aren’t doing as well as it seems you are.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dystopian world

Frankie 2015-02-20 15:50:39
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You're actually giving the definition to a Utopian world. That's a world where everything seems pleasant and perfect. Dystopian world is one where everything is obviously bad and unpleasant.
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Ea 2018-10-23 16:01:05
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That's incorrect. Their definition is right. Utopian means everything is (actually perfect) not perfect at face value.
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Adam Flash 2015-01-20 03:16:39
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Its interesting to think about the comparison of a world, or society, to one persons life. For instance I took my dreams about a dystopian world rather literally, like I'm expecting that to happen one day. However from a different point of view my dreams say that I'm unsatisfied with my life, which on the outside appears fine(and well it is), but on the inside I'm unsatisfied and longing for something else. (This I also can say it true in my life)
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