Dwarf planet Ceres Moves Direct

Dwarf planet Ceres Moves Direct

The Dwarf planet Ceres astrological meaning has its roots in mythology which leads us to see how it affects our lives in the birth chart.

Dwarf planet Ceres Moves Direct
Dwarf planet Ceres Moves Direct – an Astrology event that gives us a whole new direction.

Ceres rules nurturing and nourishment, it also covers the dark aspects of the mother/child relationship, as well as the fulfilling qualities. Where Ceres is in the birth chart indicates the sort of mothering you experienced, as well as what you as a child needed to be lovingly cared for. The implications of this ultimate relationship often everlasting.

While Ceres was retrograde you may have felt the need to assess the ways in which you are nurtured, becoming aware of gaps in healthy self care. Perhaps there is some loss that you have had to deal with- Grieving is the domain of Ceres. From the deep dark places we are reborn- "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding". With easy aspects you may have had a chance to experience the uplifting soothing aspects if this energy, feeling fortunate for the mother you have.

Now that Ceres is moving forward again you will be able to activate the outward manifestation of your new realizations. Ceres is in Pisces, connected to the cosmic soup, here you can see infinity and forever. You may develop a sense of poetry and depth, maybe you find a cause to serve. Your sensitivity will heighten. Developing techniques to ground and protect yourself could be the difference between exhaustion and calm understanding of necessary choices: clarity. If you do not find the space to rest and reflect the space will be found for you through illness and fatigue. It's better to make the choice to withdraw if needed. Light a candle, stretch, journal and eat locally and in season. These activities will feed you. The alternative could manifest as the flu, or bouts of nausea as your higher self attempts to slow you down to build you up. It's always better to take the nudge, don't wait for the shove.

Ceres direct can liberate your ability to give yourself what you need and deserve. With the Pisces energy you can see that our true nourishment actually comes from our connection with Mother Nature. It is the earth and the air and the fire and water that keep us alive and capable. When we strip away our modern trappings, it is still the basic elements that sustain us. Cultivate this awareness, walk in the woods or plant a garden, breath the crisp night air and loose yourself in the flicker of fire. We humans need the simple things to truly thrive. Unconditional Mother Love is available to us on earth now. Be open to receive this healing energy while providing it to your loved ones. Give yourself what you need.

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JP 2016-12-07 09:35:51
Nice explanation of Ceres and its going direct today.
Keep up the good work!

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