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A Guide to Interpreting a Dream Involving Water


Consider a situation where you dream of sitting by a slow moving stream. It is a sunny day with a few clouds in the sky, and you are drinking some refreshing water from a canteen. As the dream progresses, the sky becomes a bit cloudier, and rain drops begin to fall. Your foot lands in a puddle of water as the rain increases, and you try to take cover from it. Once you reach shelter, your canteen drops on the floor, spilling all of its contents.

During the process of interpreting this dream, you will need to start by determining which water element in the dream seems to be most important. Were you more disturbed by getting wet in the rainstorm, or by the water being spilled from the canteen? Alternatively, did you pay more attention to the beauty of the dream, or do you still remember the taste of fresh water on your lips? As you go through each of the steps associated with dream interpretation, you will always need to keep this information in mind. That said, even if a particular symbol seems unimportant, it can add weight to other symbols in the dream to create a different interpretation.

Understanding Water Types and Archetype Meanings

In this dream example, you must interpret not just one, but five separate activities related to water. Typically, if you want to know more about the archetypal meanings, most dream interpretation dictionaries will give you the information you are looking for. Today, you can find dictionaries that provide ancient meanings, as well as ones dedicated to modern times. While these books can give you a good starting point, or a framework, you will still need to gather other information to complete your interpretation.

Water and Cultural Meaning

Did you know that in Feng Shui, water is related to wealth? On the other hand, if you often work with Tarot, or live in a western society, water is usually related to emotions. Depending on your cultural background, you may find that you need to adjust archetypal symbols to fit the standards of your culture. This is especially important if you are immigrating to a different country, or if you dream of people from other cultures along with water symbols. For example, if you dream of an Asian person drinking a glass of water, you might want to interpret that dream in relation to your financial outlook instead of in terms of your love life.

Working With Your Own Reaction to Water

No matter how attached you may feel to being a human being, or immersed within your culture, your individual nature is still the final determinant of each dream's meaning. For example, some books may tell you that being drenched in a rainstorm means money luck is approaching. On the other hand, if you were completely miserable or caught a cold in the dream, you may not want to go with the archetypal meaning. By the same token, if you normally associate water with emotions, it may to your advantage to consider that the dream is not related to your financial life at all. Unfortunately, you will not know which meaning to assign until you build up a number of dream records, and then compare them to your daily life over time.

Many people interested in dream interpretation tend to take water in daily life for granted. Among other things, you may let water run endlessly down the drain, forget to fix leaking faucets, or avoid drinking it as often as possible. That said, as your daily life would be impossible to live without water, it is also virtually impossible to escape interpreting the presence of water in your dreams. Therefore, focusing on the presence of water in your dreams can easily enable you to form a basis that will help you interpret other dream symbols.

Comments: A Guide to Interpreting a Dream Involving Water

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Jenna 2015-12-12 05:40:06
I had this dream once where my brother, my gran and I went to the beach and took a walk the the harbor. When we got there my brother and I walked out on the dock "walkway" and when we finally reached the end of the walkway type thing, one of my brother's crocs fell off into the ocean. When he reached to take it out of the water a great white shark jumped out and pulled him in. I ran to get my gran to help but she had just had her knees replaced and couldn't run or even walk fast enough to try and get help! This is when I woke up. I've had this dream several times! Please help me understand what this dream means! 😭 🤔 🙁
JJ 2015-12-22 06:44:03
It seems like your brother is about to get himself into some serious emotionally problems ,which could be the end of him, and your Grandmother who might have normally been there to help him, will not be in the times to come.
angie 2015-08-23 09:58:31
I had a dream of a sea where the waves are high and it's like there could be a tsunami but suddenly the sea was divided ir separated and in the middle i saw Jesus walking in the sand smiling. Walking towards the shore and when he got there the sea was still and stable and the sun was shining. Jesus sat on the bench with me but i cant remember what he said. All i can remember was that He was going somewhere.
Can anyone help me interpret my dream. Can anyone tell me what it means. Please.
Jason sizzle 2015-06-03 06:35:18
I have a dream I am flying over water just looking at a great white shark. I am about 3 inches away from the water, I start from tail to snout. And it does not attack me but watches me it is at least 1 & 1/2 football fields long. Once I get to his nose I walk back using an island and I feel him there but the shark not attack me.
What does that mean?
Nidhi Bakshi 2015-03-12 05:00:34
I dreamed of an empty tank getting filled up with clean water. What does it means?
Joyce 2015-02-23 16:42:24
I dreamt that I was walking along an area of water and I stooped and put my hand in the water I lifted out many gemstones. I put my hand again in the water and retrieved two handfuls of diamonds. The water was CLEAR.
Aliesh 2014-12-29 13:41:04
I dream 3 days about sea..
lhakpa 2013-12-15 03:48:08
i was completely drenched in rain water. Even the drops of water were flowing out of me.
Rose 2013-10-23 16:14:12
I dreamt that I was a child with new rubber boots, jumping and playing in a mud puddle. I was being watched by someone.

I knew it was a forerunner of death...and sure enough...the person that had been watching me in the dream, my mother...passed away, less than 2 wks later.

Since there was nothing that I could do to change the outcome...I just had to know, for the two week period. By the way...I know for two weeks...before anyone close to me is going to die. Consistently...everyone...7 times.
mamta 2013-03-21 08:20:14
i had dream that i m sitting on besch playing with water with my hjdband,then i found sprinkles frkm my back side,when i turned i sae white crocodile sitting there,i got scared and couldnt sleep after that.please reply.
LiXin 2012-12-26 12:15:56
I dream that I was walking in the river with my friend and then I'm go up to the water falls where the water of the rivers came from & then I go back to change the location where I'm going and then I see two ways of the river where it was flowing and I chose left and I find myself in a waterpool cirle..

I feel that it is a sign of goodluck to me. 🙂
sorry my english is bad.^^
yanqing 2012-10-18 13:56:27
i dreamt of my crush giving me a cup of tea 😄
Tye 2012-08-22 21:04:50
In my dream i swam in the deap ocean i couldnt breath but luckily at the botton surface there were flowers with air bubbles rising with those i was able to breath and so i continued to swim the surface was too far to make it i was stuck. What the meaning?

meghna 2012-02-27 18:12:58
i dream of drowning in rain floods... what is it with that ?
JooKi 2012-01-07 03:30:30
I dreamt that i was in sitting on top of peaceful water.
what a strange?!
Xorod 2012-01-05 12:46:51
i dream about my brother is drowning and i try to save him but i drowned in the lake too. 🙁
vieorchids 2011-12-09 12:10:09
i dream of number saying to store and save it on my the number 12 12 2012 can pls tell me what its this mean
TiaMary 2011-10-09 21:43:51
i drean that my son fell into the ocean just at the shore line. i could here him cry but could not find him under the water.
chigozie 2011-08-31 10:27:17
i dream where i have two gold necklace around my nake

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