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Some Things to Know About Palm Reading and Readers


When you want to know more about your personal future, consulting a palm reader may seem like a last ditch effort. This is just one of may reasons why people that consult them may feel very disturbed when they get inaccurate answers. While there are many readers that are reasonably competent, you may find that others will pretend to know what they are doing. If you want to have confidence in the predictions that you receive, there are some things you should consider, as well as things to look for.

Is Everything That a Palm Reader says True?

Rather than try to think about whether or not a palm reader is telling the truth, you would be well served by recognizing the fact that any person can have a flash of intuition. Therefore, even the least accurate palm reader may in fact impart legitimate information about your future. That said, there may be some cases where a palm reader will not tell you everything that is seen in the lines of your palms. For example, if the reader senses some kind of tragedy, they may say that you will experience challenge, but not necessarily how bad the situation will be.

Invariably, the accuracy of the prediction or its veracity will be revealed in the test of time, as well as how you approach each situation. Even if you do not have an accurate answer, you can still rely on your own internal instincts, and simply do your best to go through each situation as best as you can. In fact, if you suspect that problems may occur in some important area of your life, making use of various mediation and hand exercises may just help you manage the situation more effectively when it occurs.

How Can I Tell if the Reader is Genuine?

Many people feel that they can tell a genuine reader from a fraud just by the sense they have of the person While some people may be right about their intuition, it may not be the best way for you to determine if the palm reader in question is genuine. Rather than try to guess, you should look for indicators that the reader is considering every aspect of your hands. This includes the condition of your finger nails, the way skin grows around them, and also tension in the muscles of your hand as your palms are read. Invariably, a good reader will be able to tell you a good bit about your emotional state, and may also engage you in conversation as the reading goes on.

Consider a situation where you want to know if you should change jobs. Even though a new offer may seem more appealing, you may have some nagging thoughts at the back of your mind. If you consult a palm reader, he/she may ask questions about both jobs while studying the liens in your hands. While you may not realize it, changes in moisture levels, pulsing veins, and changes in skin color will all provide valuable cues to an experienced and accurate palm reader. If this person can home in on your nagging thoughts, and then show you lines or other features that indicate a possible future, then there is a good chance you are dealing with a genuine reader.

How Can I Determine if a Reader is Pretending?

Consider a situation where your son or daughter knocked over a plant. When you ask, your child says "no", but crosses his her left foot over the right one while speaking. Chances are, if you know your specific child even remotely well, then you will know that he/she just told a lie. In a similar way, there are many signals that will give away a palm reader that is not telling the truth, as well as ones that do not know what they are doing. This may include consulting a book, not studying the skin on your hands, or speaking very little about other elements of a complete reading. For example, if the reader only talks about the lines in your hand, but not about the shape of your fingers, you may want to conclude that the reader is not genuine.

Finding out what the distant future holds is always an elusive task at best. In fact, the more you plan or try to find out what will happen, the more you may find that the actual events wind up nothing like what you were expecting. Nevertheless, if you still feel that you need some kind of divinatory assistance, consulting a palm reader may be of some help. As a general rule of thumb, if you keep a few simple things in mind about how readings are performed, you should be able to find a reliable reader.

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