The Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords

The ace of swords is a card that relates to cunning and acute understanding of a situation.

The Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

The person that would have the ace of swords card appearing in their tarot spread is a person that is direct and that is very understanding. The person that has this card in their spread is also strong and has a decisive edge about them. They are quick to take the leadership role in a group and will even fight for the position. Their leadership is usually really on target because they are intelligent individuals.

When the ace of swords appears in the area of a tarot spread that has to do with relationships, it indicates a very perceptive individual on the part of emotions. You are the type of person that picks up on emotional cues very well. When your partner is sad, you will know it, and when he or she is happy, you will also know it. After a bit of time, you will be able to tell quickly what types of phrases will result in which moods and will have a developed understanding of all of their habits. This comes out of your love for them but also out of your personality in general.

When the ace of swords makes it into the area of the tarot spread that deals with careers, this means that you are upper management material. Even if you’ve just started a new job and are currently at the bottom rung, you will eventually be at the top in no time. You are exactly the kind of person that every business wants to have because of your tendency to take charge of a situation and steer the entire crew towards a set target that will result in success for the entire company. You are granted early congratulations on your future promotion. It isn’t far away.

When this card appears in the area of a spread that deals with money, it usually means that you have your financial future set out for you. You understand what you are going to need to save up for and also understand what it will take to get there. You know how to spend your money and you have the tenacity to challenge anyone that tries to cheat you out of a dollar. At the same time you are not so concerned with the money aspect, because you know that it takes more than that to get ahead in life.

The area of the tarot spread that deals with health and happiness, as applied to the ace of swords, means that you are excellent at self control. You know the meaning of the word moderation, and you take control of your body and of your eating and drinking habits. You can moderate your weight very well and know how to control your ups and downs emotionally. You know yourself well and will go far with that knowledge because few people are as in touch with themselves as you are.

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