The Chariot, Tarot Card

The Chariot, Tarot Card

The meaning of the chariot is debated throughout some circles, but it is generally thought to have something to do with willpower.

The Chariot, Tarot Card
The Chariot, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

The square that is on the chest of the chariot rider in most depictions of the card is thought to have a relation to the Hindu idea of the earth tattva which is a core place of energy located in the human body based out of the spinal column. Because the spine is central to our ability to perform just about any physical task, and if it is damaged, almost all control over the body is lost, the chariot is seen as a very important card, at least in Hindu culture.

The chariot, while not always depicted this way, is seen by some to be riding out of a battle victorious. How this applies to a standard tarot spread of four points will be discussed here. If the chariot is drawn in a tarot spread this indicates that the person is dealing with immense conflict. Because of the relation to battle, this could indicate that the subject is facing a very important conflict in a certain area of their life, but because the chariot rider is coming out of battle victorious, this signifies that as long as the subject is willing to put effort into the resolution of their personal issues, then they will be able to come out the victor as well.

If this card is placed at the top of a spread, this will usually mean that the person is dealing with a battle in their relationship with a significant other. This is usually the trickiest of all tarot readings involving the chariot because it does not totally give the subject any idea of how they should proceed with their argument, if it is an argument at all. If the subject does happen to be in a fight with their significant other, and the chariot card is drawn, this means that while you can potentially persevere with their side of the argument and come out victorious, it is important for the person that is being read to decide whether this is actually a desirable outcome or not. Winning an argument is not always the best way to get in your significant other’s good graces, so while you may very well “win” the argument if you persist, what you may gain in the end is an annulment of the relationship.

Interpretations for other spots on the tarot spread are more specific and more positive. No matter how rich you are, you will always have conflicts with your money and your career, but if the chariot is in the place of either of these areas, then this means that whatever your conflict, as long as you push through, you will be victorious. On the other hand, if you have a chariot card in the space of health and livelihood, this may be an indication to push through illness or through a tough exercise regimen.

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