The Death, Tarot Card

The Death, Tarot Card

The death card is given a bad reputation culturally but in fact it does not mean what it seems to imply.

The Death, Tarot Card
The Death, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

Seeing the bodies on the battlefield in the card may really scare some people, but in all reality, what the death card represents is not at all related to a physical death. The death card merely represents an end to something. Death is a form of ending and therefore may apply to any of the different positions found in the four point tarot spread. This end also necessitates a self awareness that comes along with it, but not a negative self awareness.

When the death card is drawn from a deck and placed in the area of a four point spread that relates to relationships, this usually means the obvious. It means that your relationship is dying or will soon die. You will usually know how much truth there is to this prediction or if there is any truth to it at all. Be honest with yourself if this occurs and really think about what you can do to save your relationship if you do not want this to come to pass. If you are not currently in a relationship, interpretation becomes more problematic, but it is usually agreed that this means that the desire to be in a relationship has died for you. You no longer wish to be romantically involved as you did before.

If the death card manages to be placed in the area of a four point spread that deals with career, this means that you are probably going to be looking for a new career sometime soon. While this can signify that you will simply be looking for a new job soon, it can also mean that you will be legitimately looking for a totally new career. You may be taking your new interests in a completely different direction and looking for something totally outside the box of jobs in which you were normally interested.

If the death tarot card is drawn from a deck and placed on the monetary area of a four point spread then this can have interesting results. It can mean that you are going to lose all of your financial assets soon as the term death implies. However, it can also mean that you will just be looking for a new source of money, or that one of your older and more trustworthy sources of income such as a job or an investment will be coming to an end. Make sure to plan accordingly if this is your future.

If you happen to come across this death symbol in the health and happiness placement in a four point spread, this could in fact relate to a physical death, but will most likely simply apply to a lack of good health. You might be stricken with disease soon, or something may happen to you that will be so supremely sad for you that it will seem to be hard to recover from it. Also plan accordingly for this.

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