The Devil, Tarot Card

The Devil, Tarot Card

The devil is generally attributed to horrible things coming to pass in the cultural understanding.

The Devil, Tarot Card
The Devil, Tarot Card Interpretations for Major Arcana

However, the official stance on the devil card is that it represents bondage, or enslavement to a certain idea that would normally stunt the spiritual/mental/physical growth of a person. However, if someone is too dependent on certain ideas and does not let themselves break loose and have enough fun, then the devil can also be indicative of this type of lifestyle since this is a form of enslavement to many people as well.

If a subject were to have the devil card placed in the area of a four point spread that deals with romance or relationships, then this could mean several things depending on the lifestyle of the person. Perhaps this person is a sex addict and for some reason sees virtue in having sex with as many men or women as possible to make them happy, which is not so great for emotional growth. Either that or perhaps a person has allowed themselves to stick in a relationship that they know is stagnant because they are too afraid to go out and try to meet new people or to end it with someone that they have been with for a long time. This is also a very valid interpretation.

If this devil shows up in the financial area of the four point spread, this can mean that a person is too addicted to spending money. Perhaps the subject should cut down on their spending and attempt to save more. By the same token though, this could be representative of someone that will not spend any money on themselves. No matter how hard they work, they save every penny and do not use any of the money to help increase their own quality of life. This is also a possibility and one that should be dealt with of it is the case.

Finally, if this card is drawn for someone in the health section of a four point spread, then this usually means that the person is not paying close attention to their personal health like they probably should. Perhaps they are stuck believing the idea that it is good to go out and drink copious amounts of alcohol every night or maybe they think that binge drinking is a good idea. Either of these might be reasons why the tarot card for the devil is being drawn for them. Since this same section also deals with happiness, seeing the devil here can also mean that the person is a glutton for good times. Maybe they think that parties will truly make them whole, or that the highest friend count on facebook is what will make them truly happy. These people are usually delusional about what they really want or need. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it may well mean that the person does not go out and have enough fun out of fear. The devil card can act as a warning against any lifestyle that is too extreme in either a positive or negative way, because no matter the extreme, life was not meant to be lived in the extreme at all times. Temperance would be a good warning for any of the people in these situations.

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