The Dog Amulet

The heightened sensory perception and affinity with Man that Dogs appear to possess has earned them the title of Man's Best Friend. In many ancient cultures the Dog is depicted as loyal, intelligent, obedient and cooperative as well as a trusted ally. Throughout History there are many factual and mythical tales of the brave protection, companionship and guidance that the Dog has offered Mankind. The buried remains of many civilizations and communities have uncovered large amounts of artifacts representing their image. Dog Amulets in various forms have been a frequent find around the world for Archeologists. This gives us an indication of the universal importance and positive view and influence of Dogs in people's life's. Amulets were made to honor the Dog, or the deity it represented, with the possibility of tuning in to this animals renowned spirit of helpfulness.

The Egyptian God Anubis was illustrated as having a canine like head to portray the highly perceptive aura of the Dog. This gave him a strong protective manner and the assumed governance of the passageways from life to afterlife. The Dog at this time was considered to have a top level of guardianship and a substantial number of Dog Amulets have been recovered from this period. The connection of the Dog to the afterworld was one likely reason. Another is that there were many dogs in Egypt during this era proven by the high number of discovered bones and leather collars bearing names of these much loved animals. In Greek mythology the Goddess Hecate, associated with the Moon, the night and magic, usually had a group of protective dogs by her side. She, with the spirited assistance of her hounds was believed to allow the soul to wander.

The Dogs association with the non-physical world is also seen in Celtic historical records where they were regarded as spiritually heroic. A Dogs role here was to assist with hunting but they were often trained to help in battles too. The Celts also symbolized the Dog with healing and Sucellus their God of provision and protection. In this particular culture a Dog Amulet would have been utilized for many purposes in everyday routines and ceremoniously. The Chinese consider the Dog to be a sign of friendship. Their legends tell of the Fu Dog who was the guardian of sacred locations and a symbol of luck and prosperity. In Feng Shui beliefs these Dogs are looked upon as a sign of wealth and high social status and are often created in pairs. These dog influenced lucky amulets of male and female offer control over property and maternal matters.

Tribes of American Indians have for centuries depended on the Dog's reliability as an assistant to hunt with and to help with farming. When they were introduced to the Horse they instantly connected them with their canine friends and began by calling Horses 'Sky Dogs'. They found them as useful as Dogs but not as faithful, vigilant or bravely defensive. Dogs have a solid reputation for being helpful and this quality above all others is thought responsible for their inclusion in amulets and other tokens of their essence. Through their super-natural senses they have an uncannily good nose for judging the personality and probable intentions of others. This special kind of intuition is beneficial in life and can be an acquired skill worth learning. With a Dog Amulet as a guide the process may be more easily accomplished.

The unequivocal aid afforded to humans by the Dog is mentioned in most countries and a tale from Norway is a perfect example. It concerns 2 dogs who were sat on the top of a hill observing some men who were attempting to herd some reindeer. They appeared to be having great difficulty and the dogs laughed that they could do a lot better job. Their innate need to help out led them to go and give a helping paw. Ever since they have carried on with this task and become irreplaceable helpers. Dogs have also quite regularly saved people in dangerous situations or alerted others to their plight. The devotion of the Dog to its owner is unmatchable, they will guard over a person's possessions as if they were their own. This loyal commitment of safeguarding and friendship is imagined to be one of the properties of a Dog Amulet.

All the things that we cannot see, like ghosts, Gods and fairies, are believed to be made visible to Dogs. As the Dog is so sensitive to the attendance of spirits and unscientific phenomenon's an amulet in its representation can be so. If the wearer has an interest in such mysteries then a Dog Amulet may be the most suitable choice. Certain different colored Dogs are in some folklore meant to indicate specific powers. A Black Dog signifies protection and wealth while a Golden Dog is an indication of forthcoming prosperity and happiness. The White Dog is a sign of love and harmonious relationships. These fables may be worth remembering should you opt for a Dog Amulet with a decided use or additional required qualities in mind. Dog Amulets today are made in all sorts of colors, materials and designs.

In modern times if someone brings the gift of a Dog to your home then it is said to be a fortunate sign. If you welcome them into your life and treat them kindly then it will be repaid with their unrivaled dedication to you and to those that you care about. A similar effect of caretaking in a metaphysical variation is provided by the Dog Amulet whether it is worn on the body or situated within a person's living or working space. A Dog Amulet's power does not require any further stimulation other than to be present in the home or business or kept in close contact with the person. The strength and effect of its comforting potential can be enhanced by positive thoughts, thus allowing the instinctive disposition of the Dog to guide you. If you are able to tune in to the Dogs natural tracking senses via the amulet it will help direct you on life's many paths.
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