The Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles

Like the work that is pictured in The Eight of Pentacles card, the meaning behind the card relates heavily to work and toil.

The Eight of Pentacles
The Eight of Pentacles, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

In fact it has to do with the mastery of a certain craft, a definition which hearkens back to the three of pentacles. However, the three of pentacles is a card which signifies all of the work that has been done to get to where you are. It tells you that you are already a master of whatever you are practicing at. The eight of pentacles recalls more the earliest stages of becoming good at something, from realizing interest at it, to clumsily practicing with diligence at it in the beginning.

The eight of pentacles will usually show up for someone in the love and romance section of their spread if they are less experienced with relationships. In fact it will mainly show up for people that are just dating again after a long period of abstinence, or youths that have never dated before and are about to go steady with someone for the first time. Do not take it as an insult. It shows that you are truly committed to learning what it means to be in a relationship. It will take a lot of time and much trial and error, but eventually you may start to see a three of pentacles show up when you do future readings.

When this card shows up as an indication of a fortune related to your job or career, this probably means that you have just switched into a new career, or that you were dealt some job responsibilities that you were previously unfamiliar with. This does not mean that you are going to fail. On the contrary, it shows that your spirit in pioneering the new job or responsibilities is commendable. You will do the best you can to see that the job is done even if you do not fully understand it. This marks a great worker and any company would be happy to have you working for them.

When this is seen in relation to health, it is a great sign that you should start working out soon. The hardest thing about starting an exercise regimen is actually having the follow through to continue with it. If you do not have the spirit, then what little exercise you get done early on will mean nothing, since you will not be continuing. With this card lighting your way you can be sure that when you work at it, you will only become more motivated to continue with your work out every day. That is a rare quality in a person in terms of exercise, and it should not be wasted as long as it lasts.

When the eight of pentacles shows up in your spread in the area that relates to money, that means that you are going to go through some hard times financially speaking. You may have to start rationing food and budgeting, even cutting out entertainment budgets and occasional splurge buys. You will get through it though as long as you persevere thanks to your fighting spirit.

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