The Empress, Tarot Card

The Empress, Tarot Card

While the high priestess usually represents mystery and female empowerment, the Empress represents female power to the most extreme extent.

The Empress, Tarot Card
The Empress, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

In fact, the empress is usually depicted in many popular tarot decks along with the female symbol included somewhere in the card art. No matter what style the art takes, she is usually seen in a field of grain. She is in a lush chair or standing, and holds a scepter and has a crown. In the background, there are 12 stars; sometimes they are located on her dress.

Each of these items represents a certain aspect of the way that the empress is culturally perceived. She wears a crown and has a scepter which symbolizes her dominance of all life. These pieces of regalia represent dominance, but hers is a more general dominion, over all things. The stars indicate her mastery over time, including the present and the future, both of which will be very important to the person who is having their fortune read. Most important of all is the grain field she stands in which shows her dominion over things that grow and things that are alive. Along with the secrets of her sister, the two control various aspects of life. Not life in an everyday sense, but life in is most basic form, the gift of giving life to that which is dead or has not yet been born.

When the empress is drawn and used along with other tarot cards in a deck, she represents a general sense of creation, and in some cases that definition can be extended to progress as well. For example, if a person where to see the empress show up in a spread where the financial conclusions would be drawn, this would indicate that it is time for rejuvenation to occur to your funds. This may mean that soon your amount of money will begin to grow due to new business plans that you’ve taken out, or it could mean that it is time for you to start to save your money in order for your fortune to grow in the future. Perhaps you need to open a new bank account or savings account to watch you money grow. The empress would definitely act as a sign of that.

If you happen to find the empress in the field of love and relationships on the tarot spread, this can mean that someone very special will soon walk into your life. You will gain a new relationship or a new partner that will change your life for the better. This is almost always interpreted as a positive thing.

If the empress were to be placed on the area dealing with career, this could mean that a new project will begin that will lead to positive conclusions. Maybe you are getting ready to take on a lot of responsibilities at work, and this is the empress’ way of letting you know that this is going to happen. If she happens to show up in the area of health, this can mean great things for your future health. A new exercise plan may lead to weight loss or increased physical performance. This is a time for celebration if this is the case, because it means that you can rest easy about any inhibitions which you may have had that would have stopped you from starting a new regimen otherwise. The empress card showing up in your health and livelihood spread is always a great sign for you.

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