The Five of Swords

The Five of Swords

The meaning of the five of swords card is not easy to guess just by looking at it.

The Five of Swords
The Five of Swords, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

However, the meaning of this card is one of victory and overcoming boundaries. The character in the card has defeated both of his opponents and collected his rewards. They still decide to lay their weapons at his feet though. In this way, the card also represents the idea of getting an unjust reward for your work, or extra gifts that are not necessarily deserved.

When the five of swords appears as your fortune for the love and relationships section, this usually means that you are in the process of trying to impress a potential mate. You are trying to impress someone to make them like you. But be aware that what you are doing may earn you some respect but it will take a special element to make someone like you the way that you are interested in them. It is not as simple as doing a couple of impressive things or performing a song and dance, you really need to think about strategy. On top of that you must consider what kind of relationship you are after, a wholesome on, or a temporary and artificial one. The outcome matters.

When the five of swords appears in the health and happiness section of your spread, it generally means that you are not happy. In the coming months you will attempt to work on this lack of mirth, and it will work to great success. Yet, do not let the success get to your head. If you try too hard to become artificially happy, your mind may try to overcompensate. This would mean that your happy emotions would not truly feel like your own and you will be in the same spot that you started out in.

When this card shows up as the prediction for your career section of a spread, then this means that you will make great strides in getting ahead at your job. Expect great accolades from upper management. But from the card’s demarcation of the tendency that your rewards will be overcompensated for, this means that you will probably be getting a lot of plaques and trophies but not a lot of substance. I’m sure you would much prefer a raise rather than another wooden panel with your name etched into it, but your true time will come soon enough. These artifacts are all just place holders.

When you see this card in reference to your money situation, it usually means you will be getting money from a new source soon. Where will the money come from and why? This card usually indicates that the money will be a reward for some past victory, but it does not indicate why you would be receiving this reward now, or where you will be getting it from. Think of people that you’ve tried to impress in the past, maybe some of that will come back to you in the form of praise and money.

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