The Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles

It does not matter whether The Four of Pentacles card is reversed or whether it is in its normal position, the four of pentacles is always negative.

The Four of Pentacles
The Four of Pentacles, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

This represents the type of person who, unlike the juggler in the two of pentacles card that tries to wrap the rest of their life around two different sources of pleasure, actually has the time and the lack of spirit to have themselves consumed by wealth. When you receive this card in your spread, this means that you have been far too spoiled and have accepted the pleasures of the flesh far too much. When reversed it simply means that you are too much of a spendthrift, so either way the result is a negative one.

When you see this card in the area of your spread that deals with romance, it means that you are probably not well invested in your relationship if you even have one. If you do not have one, then it probably means that you cannot control your desire for many different partners. You would do well to practice a bit of temperance in your love life and try to stick to a more long term relationship. It will teach you much discipline. If already in a long term relationship, you should stop squandering your partner’s love. Realize that they love you and you need to be a more responsible person and either settle down with them, or break it off before they are hurt by your callousness.

This card is most usually associated with the area of a spread dealing with money. This is because this card is usually associated with hoarding, so if you receive this card here, it means that you are unnecessarily hoarding your money. If it makes your life good, then continue doing so, but if you have the money to spend and can do without a bit of it and see other people suffering, you should try to give some to them and make sure that they are well provided for, especially if they are close to you or related to you.

Seeing this in the area of a spread that is all about career choices means that you have probably been sitting on job options for too long. You have many different employers seeking your help, but are refusing to answer them because you enjoy the idea of being needed by so many people more than the actual work that a job would entail. This is just one example of what this might mean though.

If you see this card in the area of a tarot spread that deals with health then you are going to want to take a step back and really carefully think about some of your life choices. Are you squandering your money to such an extent that you refuse to use it to help your declining health? Do not be afraid to buy some cough medicine, you probably have the money to spare. Go to the doctor when you are sick, and take your family there as well. Check ups are a good idea.

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