The Four of Swords

The Four of Swords

The Four of Swords is a card which, like the two of swords symbolizes a state of meditation.

The Four of Swords
The Four of Swords, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

However the two of swords card shows a more oblivious state of meditation, standing amongst the world, and yet ignoring what is going on around you. The four of swords is a card that symbolizes going away from the world and finding a place of rest in order to meditate and come to a greater understanding about a situation in order to come to a more educated decision on your return.

When the four of swords card is drawn and placed in the tarot spread for the relationships and love area of the spread, it means that you are considering something about your relationship deeply. This is not necessarily a negative thing as you might assume when you are told by a tarot interpreter. What this means is that there is something that needs heavy consideration and you need some time to think it over. Take some time away from your lover and think about whatever it is that you need to think over. Explain to them that you need some time to yourself but that it doesn’t mean anything bad. They will understand. Come back once you have a decision.

When this card appears in the area that applies to your health and happiness, it usually means that you need to have more time to yourself in general. You are pushed to the max at work and in life and it’s really putting a lot of stress on you. If you want to maintain your health and your sanity, try taking some time to yourself more often and you will begin to see a lot more changes in your life for the positive. This is a really important decision that you need to make, and it will take a lot of work to partition time for yourself to meditate, but a meditation regimen will do a lot for you when you are at this point in life.

When this card appears in the business and career area of your tarot spread, this usually means that you have taken on so many responsibilities that you need more isolation in order to complete them. It can often be hard to concentrate when you have pages and pages of work to do and you are constantly being bothered by other people with questions about their own work. It just won’t pass. What you need to do is ask your boss for some time to yourself, or ask if you can have an office to yourself. You might be surprised at their answer, so don’t be scared to do it.

When this card appears in the money section of your tarot spread this means that you are at odds with money. Either you have been spending too much lately or you do not have enough to afford all of the things that you want to buy. But no matter what the problem is, you will need to take a hiatus from spending just for a bit to decide what it is that is most important to you.

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