The Fox as an amulet symbol

The Fox as an amulet symbol

Most people will have heard the expression 'as sly as a Fox' and understand its meaning of describing someone who has been cunning.

The Fox as an amulet symbol
The Cunning Quick Thinking Fox and its Symbolism Among Different Cultures in the Form of a Fox Amulet.

This phrase will often be said if a person has cleverly got their own way by their language use or mannerisms. This particular saying describes the most well known characteristics of the Fox derived from the many cultural and mythical tales about them. A Fox Amulet will through its representation of this animal capture its spirit of intelligent craftiness and direct it more positively. A Fox always looks out for itself and so Fox Amulet's are considered to possess a high level of protection and self healing and rejuvenating properties. The Hopi and Cherokee tribes in North America associate the Fox with considerable healing powers and the Apache's believe they introduced fire to humans.

The Achumawi Indians living in California have a folklore that tells of the 3 Animal People that were sent to prepare the World for Humans. One of these was a Silver Fox Man named Kwahn, a Coyote Man and a Frog Woman were the others. From just these three animals all our present day animals are said to have evolved. So the Fox has a strong and significant history here dating back to the beginning of time. Among many early civilizations a Fox Tail was a good luck amulet that was utilized to guard possessions. The belief was that these primitive Fox Amulets were blessed with the cunningness of these clever creatures and so would provide effective protection. These examples of the well established beliefs in the Fox's mythic origins and protective strength are some of the reasons for the Fox Amulet's popularity.

The ancient Celts considered the Fox an expert on the layout of the forest and held this particular animal in high esteem for it's wisdom. They also relied upon the Fox with his intuitive sense of direction to be their guide on the path to the spirit world. In China the Fox has a symbolic association with the afterlife and in Persia it is thought to assist dead human spirits to move on to the next life. This connection with the mysteries of otherworldly time and space makes the Fox Amulet capable of tuning in to metaphysical energies. This can be especially useful when amulets are acquired and used for the attainment of goals, the granting of wishes or to attract love. This is because the Fox's character, infused in an amulet, is one of a witty seducer who will use all his resources to gain what he desires.

In Japan the Fox has a symbolic meaning of long life and is believed to offer protection from evil forces. This view originates from the Fox's association with the ancient Rice God Inari as one of the group of rain spirits known as kitsunes. These Fox spirits guarding agriculture were worshipped like Gods as they represented fertility and successful growth. They received regular appeasement offerings from the Japanese people like tokens of sake wine and tofu. The number of tails that a Fox had was seen an indication of their age, importance and power. They were considered to be at their most powerful with nine tails when around a thousand years old. At this stage they are thought to be able to magically shapeshift and transform into human female form. In some legends they are described as using their deception and expressive charms to seduce Men.

A tale that is often told in Japan is about Yasuna who was a brave young nobleman who rescued a White Fox setting her free from a trap. The Fox he so bravely saved later returned as Kuzunoha a beautiful woman that she had transformed herself into. The couple fell in love and married having a son together naming him Seimei. The child is said to have inherited some of his mothers high intelligence and supernatural ability. When her son discovered her true identity by spotting her Fox tail one day, she is thought to have quickly fled back to her life in the wilds of the forest. Amulets in this country are called omamori and the Fox is a frequently chosen favorite animal spirit used to decorate them. Its strong protective link in the image of the Fox has been linked to possessing a favorable influence on longevity and prosperity.

In Finland's myths the famous spectacular solar winds responsible for creating the Northern Lights are often referred to as 'fox fires'. They were believed long ago to be an illustrative display of a Fox running nimbly through snow and brushing its tail on the surface, creating the colorful sparks of light. This imaginative concept emphasizes the creative and bewitching element of a typical Fox's character and its aura of charisma. The Fox also has a skilful way of discretely blending in and uses its surroundings and circumstances to seem to appear in the right places at the right times. It uses a combination of strategy and adaptability to outsmart its enemies and usually escape entrapment. A Fox Amulet with these qualities can act as an excellent instinctive aid and a reminder to make full use of all our most admirable assets.

Descriptive words for the Fox's imagined personality include intense, focused, determined and passionate. These characterizations and the touch of esoteric insight the Fox is notorious for create amulets that can emit a variety of potent powers. A Fox Amulet, particularly if it is worn by its owner, is designed to absorb any negative influences that it encounters. Wearer's of Fox Amulet's may experience an amplified awareness of their surroundings and more of their natural intuition feelings. This is the spirit of the Fox hoping to share his wisdom of listening to your instincts, trusting them and acting on them. As a personal Fox Amulet adjusts to its owners individuality it is assumed to learn the person how to channel their intelligence and focus in.

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