The Hanged Man, Tarot Card

The Hanged Man, Tarot Card

The hanged man is in an important image in culture because of all of the connections that it possesses to Christianity.

The Hanged Man, Tarot Card
The Hanged Man, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

The hanged man is a card the points to holiness and divinity because of all of the images of the crucifixion that it recalls. Also the Norse god Odin was known for hanging from a tree in one particular story, drawing another connection between the hanged man and a different type of religion. In all of these cases though, the hanged man represents the destruction of self in the interest of the good of the rest of humanity.

Taking that meaning and extending it to how it might appear on a tarot spread, it can mean different things for how it might appear on each of the separate areas of a four point spread. If the hanged man card were to appear on the section of the spread that was dealing with money, then this would mean that the card would be there to symbolize that you should give some of your riches away to help others. Even if you do not have money to begin with, this card is letting you know that it is your destiny to go out and help others with their problems. In the end, you need to give up something of yourself to make life better for others, and in turn, making life better for others will make life better for yourself.

If the hanged man were to appear in the area of a dour point spread that deals with relationships, the significance would be that the hanged man is telling you that it is time to give your partner some leeway in terms of what is allowable and not allowable in your relationship. Everyone has certain things that bother them such as leaving clothes on the floor or forgetting to clean the lint out of the dryer trap, or even not scraping the dishes hard enough. If you have any of these complaints against your partner, in the future, try not to let them bother you so much. This will lead to an eventual mutual respect that is currently waning in all likelihood. If you want your relationship to succeed, sacrifice a bit for your partner, and in turn they will learn to make sacrifices for you too.

If the hanged man card appears in your career section this could mean that in the future you will need to make a decision regarding your job and your duties. If someone asks you very nicely to pick up a shift for them, you should consider doing it. It will make life easier for them and can also make life a little bit easier for you too. This would be good for both of you because they will be more inclined to help you in the future.

If this card is drawn in the health and happiness section, this may mean that it is time to make some sacrifices towards your personal happiness. Instead of buying yourself that second laptop, get one for your son who needs one too. This will lead to an even greater happiness in the future.

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