The Hermit, Tarot Card

The Hermit, Tarot Card

While The Hermit card does symbolize isolation, this is not to say that is a negative thing at all.

The Hermit, Tarot Card
The Hermit, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

For some, a few weeks spent away from the rest of humanity and the world can be a great learning experience. Some write of the hermit card that he is a scholar and a learned hero. He has gone the distance and spent life in pursuit of a greater knowledge. The fact that he is returning means that he is finally ready to share the answers to all of the questions that he had before he left and to bestow all of the secrets that he has learned upon his fellow man. In this way, he can be seen as either a complete recluse, or something of a folk hero.

When the card is drawn on a standard tarot spread sometimes it can be tough to figure out what the meaning is supposed to be. In most cases, the card symbolizes one of two things, isolation, and the leaving from humanity, or the return to humanity to share a wealth of knowledge as a teacher. These two things can be interpreted entirely different ways in the context of a standard tarot spread.

For example, if your spot that indicates fortunes dealing with wealth is occupied by the hermit card, this can mean that going solo in your finances might be the way to go. Rather than sharing so much with family and friends, it might be time to invest back in yourself to see what you can come up with or accomplish. You are the true master of your own finances and it is time that you renewed the significance of this statement in order to truly succeed in the world. Alternatively, it could also mean that your financial success has been so great in the past that it is starting to be time to share all of your financial successes with others, that they may be as successful as you.

If you happen to draw this card and place it in the space where your career information is foretold, you might want to start a business on your own. Don’t outright give up on your career totally, but try making some extra money on the side with a home business or a second part time job. What did you discover? Did you like it more? Were you more successful? Did you make more money? All of these are reasons that you might want to continue going it alone for a while longer. If you happen to draw this card for your life or happiness spot, then this might be an indication that you would be happier if you were in another situation. Perhaps you would be best suited to go out on your own for a bit and come back once you’ve learned some things about life and about yourself. You may be able to share these realizations with others later.

Drawing the hermit tarot card for the love and relationships area can be particularly problematic if you are already in a relationship because it might seem as if the card is telling you to get yourself out of the relationship and to go searching for love somewhere else. This could be the case, but at the same time it could also mean that it is just time to really talk with your partner about the state of your relationship. If you are not currently involved, it could be a sign that you need to spend a bit more time on your own before you are ready for a relationship.

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