The Judgment, Tarot Card

The Judgment, Tarot Card

While typically judgment day is met with a lot of skepticism and negative interpretations from most, this card is actually meant to convey a more neutral message, which could even be interpreted positively if you were of a more Christian persuasion.

The Judgment, Tarot Card
The Judgment, Tarot Card meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

The judgment refers to the more positive aspects of judgment day, such as what will happen to all of those that were faithful to God and believed in the teachings of Jesus. It signifies redemption and above all signifies a more neutral type of decision. Usually when it appears on a four point spread, it means that it is time for a very important decision to be made.

When this judgment card appears on the part of a four point spread that deals with relationships, this means usually that an important decision regarding the status of the relationship rests on your shoulders and it is up to you to decide when to make it. The consequences will be dire no matter what the ultimate outcome and the results may be irreversible. Thinking about breaking up lately, or thinking about asking someone out on a date for the first time? This card means that the ultimate decision is coming up sooner than you may realize. Be ready for what you are going to say.

When this card shows up in the money segment of a four point square, it means that the status of your finances for the foreseeable future is going to rest on one singular decision. Usually this card will appear in this situation when someone is struggling with a decision such as which company to invest in, in order for their accounts to grow with the money attained from that original investment. The ups and downs that the money in the account will take over the course of the next few months, or even years, will all depend on this single decision. Make it a good one though, because it will count.

If this card were to appear in the career section of the traditional spread than this would mean that you are going to have to make a big decision about the course of your career. To leave your job or to go with another company, to accept a promotion and more responsibility or to hand it off to someone else, these are decisions you might be wrestling with when you see this card. This should really bring into perspective for you just how important this decision will be for you.

Finally, if the judgment tarot card appears where you health fortune is foretold, this usually has to do with major health issues. Maybe you are trying to decide whether to take an experimental or dangerous therapy that could cure you of a major illness. Maybe you are considering stopping smoking, or maybe even starting. Perhaps you are considering that your next beer may be your last if you keep up with your rock star lifestyle. Whatever the problem, make sure that your final decision is made with calm and collected mood, or else you might really screw things up. This is an important decision, just remember that.

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