The Justice, Tarot Card

The Justice, Tarot Card

Despite confusion with the strength card in terms of numbering, the justice card is fairly well understood and has a clear meaning.

The Justice, Tarot Card
The Justice, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

Justice is usually depicted as a crown wearing person of royalty taking seat in a throne. The character holds the scales of justice in one hand extended down by a chain, and in the other hand holds a stylized gavel. Each of these things are devices that symbolize equality and finality, respectfully, and each of them has their own cultural understanding with which they are associated.

From the depiction and our knowledge of what the word justice means, it should be easy to tell what the card stands for, it stands for fairness and equality. However, what does the justice card mean in the context of a standard tarot spread? Read on to find out.

When you happen to draw the justice tarot card and place it in the area of a four point spread that deals with money and finances, the justice can be there to tell you to fairly deal out your money. Maybe you are not paying your bills fairly, or maybe you are handing out allowances to your children in unequal amounts. Perhaps you are being dishonest with your significant other about the amount of money that the family has to their name. If any of this is true, then you may be seeing the justice card show up in the financing section of your spread.

If the justice card shows up in the business section of your spread, this may be because you are weighing two career choices. Or perhaps you control a business and are deciding whether or not to hire a certain employee, but are dealing with several qualified choices. It is possible that it is something even more specific and you are trying to decide between helping a friend obtain a job and helping someone else get the job who you know needs it more. Remember that you need to not show preference in times like this. Be fair and equal towards all parties.

If you come across the justice card in relation to your health and livelihood this may mean that a decision that you are working towards coming to a resolution on will eventually decide your fate. Make sure to tread carefully when you are presented with this card combination.

One of the most complex results is what happens when you see the justice card in the relationship tip of a four point spread. This will usually mean that you have somehow done something unjust in a relationship or are considering it. Thinking about stealing someone else’s significant other? Perhaps you are just treating your significant other unfairly, putting too many chores and responsibilities on them, or convincing them that your problems are their fault. Make sure to not get too ahead of yourself. Take everything lightly and decide finally whether what you are doing is right or not, and whether it is worth the trouble.

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