The King of Wands

The King of Wands

Though it may look much like the emperor card or at least recall the same idea (since most people don’t know how to differentiate an emperor from a king), The King of Wands card could not be further from what the emperor represents.

The King of Wands
The King of Wands, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

While both cards tend to have a negative definition, the emperor card implies almost pure aggression and almost callousness, while the king of wands is more of a stoic character who remains quiet and has his struggles internalized. This card will usually show up in a spread for you if you have been too quiet or brooding on a subject that deserves a more objective outlook.

When The King of Wands card appears in the area of a spread that is related to your romantic life, it usually means one of two things. It can mean that you are currently in opposition to your significant other and that you need to resolve it. The reason that you have been in this situation is because you have been unwilling to talk about your true feelings and have an open and honest conversation. It is either this, or the reason that you have been unable to discuss these things with him or her is because you feel that you are more correct about something than them, which never leads to a successful conflict resolution. Try to be more objective about the whole thing in order to reach more swift solution to your problem.

Seeing this card in the area of a tarot spread that deals with your ability to handle money usually means that you are having some kind of money struggle but are refusing to seek help for it. Maybe you took out a loan that you couldn’t afford to pay back or maybe you bought something that you couldn’t afford payments on. Either way, if you need help, do not be shy in asking for it or you will be putting yourself through an unnecessarily tough test.

When you see this card show up in the area that tells of your career burdens, it usually means that you are having some kind of problem with your work. It could be a simple task that you are unsure of how to correctly complete or it could be more complicated than that. You can only brood over this issue for so long before it goes out of your hands and becomes the company’s problem. And when it is their problem they are going to look back at you unfavorably for not resolving it when you had the chance. Do the right thing and make sure that the job is done correctly if you want to keep your job.

And if this card shows up in the health segment of your tarot spread then it probably means that you need to seek help for a health issue. If you’ve been worried about a lump that you’ve felt or a pain that won’t go away, do not be afraid to look for a doctor. This could be a crucial point in your health that will not get any better if you ignore it. Do not jeopardize your own safety. Seek help when you really need it.

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