The Lion symbol as a protective Charm and Amulet

The Lion symbol as a protective Charm and Amulet

The Lion with its proud noble features is seen as a universal symbol of strength and has a natural air of authority.

The Lion symbol as a protective Charm and Amulet
The Lion - Symbols and Powers of Courage, Dignity, Self Confidence and Wisdom Bestowed Upon Owners of a Lion Amulet.

In the flesh or in symbolism the Lion holds his head high and oozes dignity and confidence in all circumstances. A Lion Amulet is created with the intention of capturing this animal's calm nobility and belief in oneself for its guidance, comfort and protection. The Lion is well known for his courage and territorial defense and many altars, temples and other sacred places display this creature's protective image. Yali a mythical Hindu Lion is seen illustrating many pillars of blessed buildings. In Hinduism the Lion is often depicted as a personification of the God Vishnu. The Hindu Goddess of War Durga was usually seen riding a Lion to symbolize and reinforce her ferocity and image of overall greatness.

To the ancient Egyptians the Lioness was associated with the much loved Goddess Sekhmet who governed over the power and ferocity of the Sun. She was regarded as a great protector of the good and a defeater of evil and her name translates as 'powerful one'. In Egypt at this time another deity named Aker was illustrated as two Lion heads together. This was either in the form of a double headed Lion or of 2 Lions sitting backs together between the Sun and the Sky. The pair of Lions are called Duau meaning Today and Sef translated as Yesterday. Statues of Aker, who was the guardian of sunset and sunrise, were specially placed to warn off malicious spirits around palace doorways and the tombs of important people. In this country among lots of relics found there are a large number of Lion Amulet's that have been discovered displaying depictions of this mighty much adored beast.

The myths of ancient Greece tell of Lions pulling the chariots of Gods and Goddesses and they were viewed as guardians and protectors of the home. The origins of the constellation Leo in the shape of a Lion also come from a Greek legend. It is the tale about Hercules who earned his reputation for bravery by tricking a Lion. He lured it into a cave, crept up behind it and strangled it with his bare hands before skinning it. He wore the skin of the Lion as a display of his bravery. The God Zeus is then said to have magically transformed the remains of the Lion into a group of stars naming them Leo. Those people born under the zodiac sign of Leo are assumed to acquire some of the Lion's fierce independence and loyalty. When it comes to choosing a protective amulet Leo's in particular can especially benefit from the influence of a Lion Amulet.

In Buddhism the Lion is considered very important as they are representative of and referred to as 'the sons of Buddha'. They are symbolic of bodhisattvas who are beings who have achieved a higher plane of spiritual development. To do this they have to understand and practice the main six paramitas of concentration, charity, morality, patience, effort and wisdom. Only then can they become 'Buddha's Lion's'. In Sri Lanka a Golden Lion features on their National Flag to signify the long history of courageousness of the Sri Lankan people. The Lion is also associated with the City of Venice in acting as a guarding patron by assisting Saint Mark. In many countries and belief systems this animal stands for a fearless, positive and dignified force who offers security and a strong sense of control. Lion Amulets are meant to echo this signal of composed self assurance and boldness.

In England the Lion's typical characteristics of strong leadership, might, determination and fearlessness are greatly admired. The emblem of the Lion has been applied to Royal crests and coats of arms for centuries. This is possibly where the Lion's notoriety as 'the King of the Beasts' comes from and emphasizes the importance placed on this creature's visionary presence. The Lion here appears connected to birthright, being a leader and standing tall and proud. Many ancient artifacts recovered from excavations in this country illustrate the mark and significance of the Lion. The mystical Tarot card decks also use a picture of the Lion to depict a symbol with a meaning of fortitude. The Strength card is contained within the Major Arcana and like a Lion Amulet, carries a message of composure, perseverance, inner discipline and patience.

In China a centuries old tradition known as the Lion Dance is still performed every New Year to evoke the Lion's spirit. This is believed to bring good luck and strength of vision for the months ahead. The dance in honor of the Lion has eight stages thought to mimic the processes of his day and night activities. These start with sleeping, then opening, playing, searching, fighting, eating followed by closing and then finally sleeping again. To the Native American Hopi's the Lion is called Oha and is a God and as the strongest animal is seen as the protector of the tribe. Their unique Lion Amulets take the form of prayer sticks decorated in black clay used to worship and ask the advice of this deity. The wisdom and protection factor offered by the Lion is well respected and trusted all around the World making Lion Amulet's of all kinds a sought-after choice.

A Lion Amulet is charged with the authoritative guiding nature of this magnificent beast and provides an excellent protective token. A lovely African Aboriginal legend says that when he sleeps the Lion does not fully close his eyes. This they imagined was the reason for his calm strategy and round the clock alert wariness in fending off evil or danger. The concept of 24 hour effectiveness is thought to be reflected in Lion Amulets giving them maximum protection power. They can teach us to get in touch with our emotions and tame and control them to achieve better assertiveness. Lion Amulets are usually just as good at defending as they are with their protecting properties. They can help a person to more easily express courage and faith in the pursuit of their wishes and goals. If you need assistance to move forward in life and progress the Lion Amulet could help with the first step.

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