The Lovers, Tarot Card

The Lovers, Tarot Card

The lovers are a card which draws significant connections to your relationships.

The Lovers, Tarot Card
The Lovers, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

Its place in the tarot spread is not as important to the overall meaning of it as it is for most other cards. For example, if the magician is placed in the financial field of the tarot spread, this can mean something entirely different than if the same card were placed in the career field or the relationship or love field. While the lovers will retain a slightly different meaning in a tarot spread when it is placed in a different area, the true significance of it is found in and of itself or in the relationship area.

If the lovers are found in the love or relationship area of a four point spread, this is where the truest meaning of the card can be derived. The lovers, when found in this location will symbolize an important choice that needs to be made in regards to your relationship with a significant other. For example, if you have been thinking about someone else recently in a romantic way, but you are already in a committed relationship, this can be pretty problematic. The lovers will be there to let you know that soon you will have to make a choice between the two people that you are looking at.

The choice that you make will not be a simple one, as this card usually symbolizes a very difficult choice that needs to be made. And far from being able to ignore the choice, this card indicates urgency. It is a card which you will eventually have to obey. No matter what choice you end up selecting, you will have to make it sooner rather than later and it will go on to affect the rest of your life. This only comes up in the most serious situations, which is why it cannot be ignored or evaded. This will also go on to tell you much about your character once you have made your final choice. If you are not in a relationship with anyone, the choice could be between any two potential partners.

This choice that needs to be made though is not always one that is between two different people, but can also be a choice such as, to marry, or not to marry, or to ask on a date, or to not ask on a date. When the lovers card is drawn, this means that the window of time that you have to make this decision is shrinking rapidly and you have some quick choices to make. You will know best what this possible decision is referring to as you will obviously be more in touch with your own life than your tarot reader is. Make sure that whatever decision you are prompted to make when you see this card is made with the most consideration, because it is one that will be irreversible and will change the course of your life and define you as a person.

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