The Magician, Tarot Card

The Magician, Tarot Card

The magician is known for several things, but the most important in a tarot spread is that of action.

The Magician, Tarot Card
The Magician, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

He is known for being the one to act in a certain situation and being the one to get things done. To a lesser extent he is known for symbolizing creativity and artistic ability. On its own, the magician card particularly if it is the first card to appear in a tarot spread, points towards one specific aspect of the life of the subject which has the possibility of being changed. The Magician does not suggest that change needs to be made in itself; it merely suggests what part of life that the subject possesses the most capability of change. Very often a subject that has the magician card placed in their spread will realize on their own what needs to be changed.

For example, in a four point spread, if the magician were placed at the uppermost area, signifying relationships as well as romance, this could be a sign that the subject has been looking to change some aspect of their love life. Because the magician also represents creativity and artistic vision as well as success in some cases, this can mean that the subject in question has needed to change their relationship for the better in a more creative way. Perhaps this means that they will need to spice things up in the bedroom. On the other hand, it could be something even bigger than that such as marriage. The magician is meant to recall all of the tools necessary for the change to occur in relation to the other tarot cards, so this may mean that a very creative marriage proposal is in order.

If the magician were to be found in the finances section of the spread, this could mean many things. Assuming the alignment of the other tarot cards around them was positive and none of the other issues bled over into their financial life, this could mean that a new creative way of making money should happen soon. This suggests that if the subject was thinking about maybe starting a business of their own, or if they wanted to do some wild money making scheme but weren’t sure if it was going to work, then the appearance of the magician may just be there to tell them that their idea will go over fairly well.

If the magician were to show up in the career section of the spread, this would usually mean that it is time for them to make some creative changes to the way that they do their job. They need to change something about the way they operate their business. And finally, if in a four point spread, the magician was located in the section of the spread having to do with health or happiness, this can mean that something such as a diet is in order or a positive change that needs to be made. While the official definition is unrelated, a good way to look at the magician is that taking a risk with your creativity may turn out successful in the end.

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